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The consumer that has used printer knows, printer " can afford dozen do not rise " be special headaching problem, use the ink box of the head that print and an organic whole of Chinese ink sump especially, cost of bad news material is more outstanding. Installation supplies Chinese ink system continuously, use current ink box, be afraid that the quality that print cannot get safeguard again, with former outfit ink box is printed, cost of high bad news material is the expenditure with not small brushstroke really.

Since we do not have method to change the price of ink box, have only from other side proceed with, go saving ink, let an ink box print more things as far as possible.

A few kinds of very simple printer introduce to use skill below, can effective accomplish each ink make the best use of everything. (Be aimed at type of relatively expensive head water an organic whole ink box, for example HP product)

One, reduce switch plane number

Reduce printer as far as possible switch on the mobile phone frequency, print fragmentary document the task rises to print centrally, so OK and economic inky is used up. Because of ink jet printer every are started, printer wants initialization printer and clean the head that print automatically, carry a system to fill Chinese ink to ink, use many knowledge with respect to need so. So, answer to will print exercise to undertake printing together centrally as far as possible, optional switch chance does not want among.

2, be good at setting the pattern that print

Generally speaking, the document that we print does not need exceedingly careful, want to be able to see well only can. Before print, can in will printing mode " the quality that print " option is installed " fast " , such can effective economic ink. The option inside the mode that print can choose a lot of kinds, the quality that print the more careful, expends ink is more, print the task commonly so, the selection goes quickly.

3, save with card of ink box protection opportunely

When the printer of HP is being bought, the metropolis is accessary a get stuck that deposits ink box (a little current now ink box also has) , we should be good at using. Because do not use printer for a long time, the ink in ink box dries up easily, it is especially in dry environment. If you have very long period of time to be able to not use printer, can get off ink box so in put jamming of cartridge or shell case, put in sealed polybag as far as possible again, slow down inky dries up.

4, fan the air is all ink box

When print, ink box is normally odd 20% the left and right sides can hint ink is not worth, remind you to change ink box. Encounter such situation, we need not be used pay attention to, continue to print a document, until hit last ink till. And what still a bit want to remind everybody is, a lot of printer of HP support simple ink box to print, when among them fan the air of an ink box when, you still can use another ink box that does not have fan the air to undertake printing the task.
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