Can save a province HP 6L to stimulate pink of fill of the beat that hit seleniu

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Laser printer of HP 6L series is HP classical series stimulates dozen of product. After it is rolled out, the market is had rate is extremely high. It is the capable hero of market of HP development laser printer. Although this product has disappeared at tasting what change goes newly to stimulate to make the market, but the character of itself wear well, did not let him disappear in our daily life. Use time grew, can produce feeling to it, because this always is wanting to let it can continue to enlist in army for us, that used its little skill for everybody introduction, consult for everybody.

Since 6L can be us to serve so for long, so we also let it continue to save cost for us. Then we speak of from its bad news material, HP 6L laser printer uses C3906F Selenium sound, pink of fill of 6L Selenium beat and clean method are below.

One, open a machine to take out selenium to rouse, clip pin of metal of a side face with inclined mouth clamp, pull out forcibly outwards, after argent metal pin pulls out, two side can separate selenium sound into two parts, containing one party bosomy core is to abandon pink to collect, containing magnetism roller one party is to offer pink. 

2, clear useless pink: Will useless pink is collected in the metallic fixed position that baby blue sensitization rouses two side is sold dial, take out sensitive beat at dark and smooth place, take out discharge roller, two Luo that get on scraper again nail screw off, move go scraper, powdery teem is abandoned inside storehouse of will useless pink slowly, recover from an illness roller of scraper, discharge, sensitive beat by former position again (if need,change bosomy core, scraper changes old beat core, scraper right now new can) . 

3, fill installs black white: Will offer pink on magnetism roller nails screw off without the Luo of gear a side, a purple and plastic lid can see after taking next plastic case, open this lid, the Mo Fenquan that goes up with magnetism roller inside powdery storehouse the ministry clears clean (if do not clear,magnetism roller and powdery storehouse print prospectus to appear possibly bottom ash or handwriting hair are shallow) , had installed magnetism roller, right now applied force presses magnetism roller, prevent magnetism roller to break away from former. white of laser printer black the storehouse that offer pink is entered slowly after shake up inside, had built plastic shell, superior and plastic carapace (should notice right now: The hemicycle alveolus on the hemicycle on extreme of the axis in magnetism roller and plastic carapace is right good) , turn gear of magnetism roller lateral counts a circle gently, make the divide evenly on black white. 

4, will offer pink collect with useless pink by the position when ravelling installation recovers from an illness, had inserted card of two side metal to sell. After selenium beat has been installed, should push sensitization to rouse fender, turn gently up gear of flank bosomy core counts a circle, white of black of remain bosomy a face is kept clear of namely, outfit machine can be used.
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