Ink jet prints a processing that hits a car and precaution

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Ink jet printer uses the case that the head that print can appear to hit a car after period of time, print the noise when to be able to increase apparently before the head that print hits a car commonly, print the manuscript that come out to be able to appear handwriting not clear or the phenomenon of double image, because those who print a shift is control to guide the lube interfuse dirt on the axis causes oily dirty in use process,this is, accumulate for a long time can make the head that print gets when shift greater resistance, it is mobile and difficult to cause the head that print to the meeting when certain level when block muscularity, run as different as control situation to be able to cause chaos of the head that print to bump when frame of the head that print, serious when meeting attaint frame and the head that print. Appear this kind of circumstance can handle so: The towel that use paper will guide the bilge rub-up on the axis (attention: Do not use cotton to wipe, because cotton leaves fiber easily to be in,guide be mixed on the axis on the axle sleeve of frame of the head that print) , reoccupy paper towel dips in on a few sewing machine are oily, even ground is wiped repeatedly guide axis, when wiping, do not want to pull frame of the head that print forcedly, in guide axial lower part puts a piece of paper to prevent sewing machine oil to drip inside printer. Finally, the towel that use paper guide the redundant engine oil rub-up on the axis.

Brief summary: The printer that allows you works in clean and clean environment, upper cover is not opened when printer works (some printer design a lid to cannot work) , do not use the paper with more dirt, printer need not when should cut off the power and had built with cloth, those who reduce dirt enter, fixed and clean printer, 3 months give guide the axis does cleanness, go up sewing machine is oil-lubricated, guide the oil on the axis condenses in case, want to accomplish these to be able to avoid print a circumstance that hits a car to happen only, improve the service life of printer. This kind maintains clean method suits a stylus printer likewise.