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Try every means improves the efficiency that print, it is the pursuit with every indefatigable user that print all the time! At ordinary times a lot of users that print like to print the setting, method that optimizes the function that print through revising, the printing setting that will raise; of the efficiency that print to acquiesce nevertheless can ensure printer achieves pretty good work efficiency actually, the result that because this prints the setting, method that optimizes the function that print through revising,improves the efficiency that print may not be very evident. In fact, affecting one of factors with the most obvious efficiency that print is the clew of the breakdown that print that appears often, especially clew of a few barpque breakdown, if cannot eliminate these quickly,print breakdown after all, the efficiency that print can be affected badly. Because of this, printer is deleted from the society below the article barpque clew begins, through adding the method of trouble removal experience, will improve the efficiency that print a new arrangement!

Cancel to print port not to match clew

On the market new the printer USB port that roll out attributes USB2.0 interface level almost, should insert the printer of this kind of standard old computer advocate board in when, often can appear the clew information that printer of USB of similar high speed inserts low speed interface to go up, sometimes such regular job that hints information does not affect printer. Nevertheless, when if we hope,inserting printer next time, when letting all of computer science department play a clew message above, how should come true? Actually according to the operation measure below, we can cancel easily to print the clew information that port speed does not match:

In the interconnected system of computer science department that joins in printer place above all, ordinal click " begin " / " setting " / " Control Panel " command, doubleclick in playing the Control Panel window that give " system " icon, in playing the systematic property that give to install the window, click " hardware " label, in clicking corresponding label page again " equipment management implement " pushbutton, open; of equipment list window

Spread out with the mouse in this list window next " controller of general and serial bus line " branch, be opposite should find below branch " USB Universal Host Controller " project, click this project with mouse right key, carry out from inside playing the quick menu that go out " attribute " command, the USB controller property that opens this locality computer installs interfacial;

Graph 1

In clicking this interface " advanced " label, enter the label page that shows like 1, pitch on among them " do not inform me of UBS mistake " project, click at the same time " affirmatory " pushbutton, so come we insert USB printer to arrive again next time old computer advocate board in when, the system won't appear the clew information that speed of the port that print does not match. Of course, once we will " do not inform me of UBS mistake " after project pitch on, sometimes cannot accurate whether does the USB port in knowing a landlord board belong to high speed port, accordingly we undertake according to needing actually to come the ground is installed having specific aim as far as possible.
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