How to reduce ink jet to print cost

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Fade out of the market gradually as the stylus printer, ink jet printer rises ceaselessly as a result of the technical progress, quality that print and the main trend that very high gender price is compared and makes the market, the market of ink jet printer is had lead the 60%-70% that takes whole printer market.

To ink jet printer, the printer price that is aimed at family expenses is about 1000 control to 1500 yuan; But, ink of an ink box that print about value 120 reach 190 yuan, an ink box is pressed of 70% enclothe rate plan, can print standard A4 to print paper about 350 pages left and right sides. Accordingly, the user that buys ink jet printer is put in a very awkward phenomenon---Can afford printer, with do not have printer.

In ink jet printer, ink is the highest easy cost is tasted, the key of the printing cost that how reduces ink jet printer is how the ink of managing printer. Through old maintenance experience reachs use practice, introduce method of a few kinds of managing inky to everybody here:

One, concentration is printed

Because be printed every time when, printer should carry a system to fill Chinese ink to ink, the document that wants to will be printed as far as possible so rises centrally print. Additional, when print the setting is become " province Chinese ink " means also but managing one part ink.

2, decrease clean a frequency

Ink jet printer is blocked up in head of occurrence Chinese ink of use process middling phenomenon, cause the cause that is blocked up a lot of, if quality of inky of the working environment of printer, printer, printer is unused,unused time is waited a moment, because clean Chinese ink head to want to use up much ink every time, answer to reduce the number that cleans Chinese ink head as far as possible so. Should notice the following when use printer of course: Use printer manufacturer to appoint model ink as far as possible, change the speed when Chinese ink head wants fast; Avoid as far as possible long unused printer, every other 3 open printer to 4 days (the place with good condition had better not close printer) , detect automatically.

3, do not change instantly ink box

We know, ink jet printer is to pass inductive sensor to come to what the ink in ink box measures detect, it is with EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 700 exemple, its ink box is 7 kinds (chromatic ink box and black ink box are apart) , sensor should detect only among them the value that monochromatic ink content is less than printer interior set, hint change ink box. At this moment, we take out ink box put into instantly, key is cleaned in repass Control Panel, the tool software that also can bring oneself through printer will clean, repeat a few times, printer great majority is used normally. Take out ink box to make printer in-house sensor restoration, install new ink box certainly thereby, but those who want an attention is: Closing opportunity is strong undertake below voice. Still do not have gone accession in ink box, had better not get off casually, lest create needless waste.
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