Two subtle move: Let ink jet printer jam shower nozzle restores normality

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Those who accompanying digital camera is progressively gain ground, the form of ink jet printer is becoming more and more everywhere is visible. Enjoying ink jet to the top of one's bent while printer brings advantage to us, we also can encounter ink jet printer to produce color to print lack fidelity, handwriting to print the breakdown phenomenon such as faintness constantly, serious when still can appear the phenomenon that cannot print. When producing phenomenon of this kind of breakdown, the shower nozzle that is ink jet printer likely was jammed by ink, when saying to print pilot to time is placed and was not used when ink jet for example, because the ink that the shower nozzle that print is in is efflorescent phenomenon or elephant of moisture evaporate discovery cause ink to coagulate kind, or because ink jet printer mixes the knowledge that used a few kinds of different brands in different period, ink is mixed after using because produced chemical reaction, cause the spurt that print easily also head happening jams phenomenon. Apparent, if the shower nozzle of ink jet printer is jammed, ink jet printer often is met cannot have the normal operation that print; So the face jams to printing shower nozzle phenomenon, we after all this how can you just let jam does shower nozzle restore normality? Below, the article contributes two subtle move for each user that print, will help everybody efficient remove the sprinkler head that print jam condition, the working condition that allows ink jet printer quickly returns to normal!

Oneself start work, let jam shower nozzle returns to normal

Discover when us ink jet printer prints the content that come out to appear line or moon's path phenomenon, and when there still still are many odd knowledges in printer ink box, the method that we must use handiwork to clean will jam the ink that is in in shower nozzle kind keep clear of. When using manual method to clean the ink shower nozzle that is jammed, we need to will install the ink box in ink box wearing cautiously to be taken above all, observe whether bottom of this ink box is put in integrated circuit part carefully, the position that this section section is in is the position of shower nozzle actually; Look for a common teacup then, go to enter a few 60 warm boiled water of centigrade left and right sides among them, place the integrated circuit share of ink box bottom the time that immerses 20 minutes or so in warm boiled water, need to remind everybody watchful is here, we can immerse the integrated circuit part of ink box bottom only in water, and ten million cannot immerse whole ink box in water;

When ink box bottom gush head is divided after time immerses more than 20 minutes in Wenshui, we must take ink box in time from inside water, will adhere to forcibly next swing clean in the moisture of shower nozzle surface, in the process that throws water we can discover office of shower nozzle position to be able to pour out of a few ink along with all the others, the cotton gauze that right now we can use clean will pour out of the ink wipe up that come, in reinstalling the ink box that cleans a success the ink box small box to ink jet printer according to accurate method again, we might as well finally execute operation of page of the test that print, saw the right now shower nozzle that print whether can work normally.
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