Raise work efficiency printout to also want to play " carry fast "

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To raise the output rate of printer as far as possible, hollow of many the user that print brain, sum up those who gave a lot of effective to print optimize skill, below these helps that optimize skill, the output speed of printer got promotion on certain level really. Of course the author is not exceptional also, this does not contribute those who come to print below the article promote fast skill, it is the author prints what attentive summary comes out in the process in for long actual combat, hope these content can be carried to print fast add one whip again!

Use batch processing opportunely, reduce the segment that print

Using when sharing printer to print data, we need to be opened first sometimes " the neighbour on the net " the window, the target in finding a local area network from which next shares printer, doubleclick this to so that establish the link that print to it,share printer icon with the mouse, final ability undertakes material prints an operation formally. Very apparent, the printing link above is more, print rate to rise as far as possible, we can found command of a batch processing according to the method below, so that let a system decrease to complete the join work with printer the link that print, automatically, when arriving, we need an elephant to print material to undertake printinged quickly in that way in this locality only:

Open notebook editor above all, edit in text code commands below the input in the window:

@echo OffNet Use computerprint

In the code above, "Computer " those who point to is the title of computer lead plane that shares printer place, "Print " those who point to is those who share printer share a title, in affirm the code input above is not had by accident hind, we are OK and ordinal in clicking text to edit the window " file " / " save " command, in playing the file that give to save a dialog box, the patulous name of the file the setting is " Bat " format, install a proper name for the code content above at the same time, here author sets the tag of file of this batch processing for " Dayin.bat " .

Next ordinal click " begin " / " move " command, in playing the system that give to run a dialog box, input string commands " Gpedit.msc " , in clicking this dialog box " affirmatory " pushbutton, the systematic group strategy that opens this locality computer edits the window;

Graph 1

The left area of the window edits in this, with the mouse ordinal spread out " the user is configured " / " Windows is installed " / " script (login / cancel) " project of group strategy branch, in correspondence " script (login / cancel) " in the section of division of right side window of option, find " login " option, click with mouse right key, carry out from inside playing the quick menu that go out " attribute " command, the entry property that if the graph is shown 1 times,opens installs the window;
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