Small doohickey of reoccupy ink box second

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One, deposit ink box for a long time

Because economic capacity is finite, I often use generation in ink, but use effect not beautiful. Print with economic kind, handwriting is shallow weak; Print with standard way, handwriting is ambiguous. More serious is the head that print not free, shower nozzle often block. I traded the knowledge of two kinds of brands, such still. Look or " former outfit " good. But former outfit ink box rises from unsealed day, term of service is the longest for a year. This is meant each one wants to expend ink box of costly black, color inside a year, value does not poor. To keep put away ink box, can use " ink box small box " . But can keep ink box with another kind of method, use potted bottle namely. The potted bottle sealing that should use only is good, the effect is not compared " ink box small box " poor.

But, if want to deposit ink box for a long time, still must make print a not dry, shower nozzle not to volatilize to just go. Can the plastic bottle stopper in bottle mouth (inside it is empty) get off, infuse is pure water, be sure to keep in mind: Do not load tap water, because the magazine is contained inside tap water, the printing first-born that can let you becomes rusty. Cover it on the head that print, in putting ink box into potted bottle again, come back tight cap. Deposit ink box with this kind of method, can deposit for a long time.

2, collect deserted ink box again

The ink box of my ink jet printer uses other knowledge because of covet petty gain, cause the head that print to print not smooth, the phenomenon that shower nozzle jams. Because printer is long-term and unused,did not use later (have even the spider! ) , and ink box is saved undeserved, bring about shower nozzle finally to jam badly, ink box is deserted.

Cannot bear the beautiful that the heart looks at me can ink jet printer at this point death, I begin to considering let it from " awake in sleep "

Let the infuse in Xiang Mo box above all clean water, will caky ink is deliquescent, had sealed the aperture that note Chinese ink next. Boil boiled water next, temperature probably 80 ℃ left and right sides. Immerse the shower nozzle of ink box directly again in boiling water, be sure to keep in mind: The circuit that cannot soak ink box to go up board, if do not take care, then whole ink box discarded as useless.

After immersing about 5 minutes, because shower nozzle immerses in the boiling water of high temperature, caky deadlocked prepared Chinese ink begins boundless decompose melt, and because of the water in ink box Wen Ye lifts ceaselessly, ink box interior generates pressure, prepared Chinese ink can be in allegro gush to flow from nozzle and go out, basin water blackens instantly: Unobstructed of the head that print!

The prepared Chinese ink in my general ink box empties, swing clean, new infuse is special ink. Then installation is on printer. The file that print, the effect is first-rate, print an unobstructed, the clarity that print, ink box is whole be like first.
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