Network printer installs common breakdown and means of settlement

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Network printer decided the complexity that its install because of the characteristic of its communication means, can appear probably in installing a process such or in that way installation breakdown, if cannot master in all sorts of breakdown that in installing a process, appear well, it is very difficult that that wants to install printer of a network successfully, I am installing me below the trouble of a few installation that encounters in network printer and solve method introduction to give authority, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

1, always appear in self check process " I/O CARD NOT READY " wrong clew

This kind of breakdown is be caused by of attaint of itself of the server that print commonly, also be the server that print likely selects network interface kind and company network are abhorrent, still be this interface attaint waits printer a moment likely of course. The printing server that the means of settlement of this kind of breakdown looks for to be used normally now namely (want interface type and company network to agree) insert trying self check to be able to know is printer itself problem, still print server problem; To interface the type can look up a manual whether consistently or server itself is tagged can find out.

2, network printer cannot be found in Jet Admin software

Appear or of this kind of circumstance is the user won't be used to this software itself, the member that a lot of nets are in charge of often is used " Jet Admin " in software " NEW " the command will search, but cannot find what add newly to print equipment commonly, always appear " No New Device " (without new facility) wrong clew. Should remember be being used certainly " Refresh " the command will replace systematic facility. Still one is plant may be this network node fails to connect with the network, this is very simple, the Note Book computer with normal network of usable in succession will try to know namely;

3, network printer was found in Jet Admin software, but cannot install

This breakdown is commonly choose to this equipment place " IP " of address and other equipment " IP " the address is afoul, if this network is the IP that uses DCHP to distribute each computer main engine automatically,this one problem won't appear commonly when the address, but produce conflict very likely when we allocate automatically by hand, at this moment we are about to look up addresses of all computer equipment IP in the network to whether have conflict.

4, network printer cannot be installed in the server

The key that should resolve this one trouble wants to check the IP address that is clear that we are this printer to install namely, increase opening of this one aspect of the matter in the correspondence when adding port next can, if add those who add to the system on other port to cannot find place,print equipment, still have in " add printer " when have a choice certainly " this locality printer " , because it is network printer,must not choose " network printer " .
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