Confidential secret book how twice enhances clever action of the efficiency that

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In this informatization progressively all-pervading times, who should say who still won't print data, this person is equal to admit oneself fall behind badly. The place that needs the data that print now has a lot of, need to print oneself resume when to apply for a job for example, the need when the work is being reported to the leader in the office prints working material to wait. Nevertheless, the data that print looks be like simple, but also need a few study spirit, the dish bird user that print and the advanced user that print is original namely between a gleam of; The article is with common laser printer and ink jet printer now exemple, say record of secret of a few confidential that print to everybody, book of among them the very much secret that print also applies to the printer of other type, I can not tell average person him oh! Believe to be below the help of book of these secret of the confidential that print, we can twice land improves the efficiency that print.

Secret book 1, manual enlarge look rises print receive ability

When the tiring-room printer the function that print is enabled when rising, the printing mission that we send printer can be saved automatically commonly in the data buffer that is in workstation to printer. Below acquiescent condition, the capacity that printer receives buffer is not too big, if we send the many missions that print to it at the same time when, the space of the buffer that print will by use up very quickly, the content that comes in the buffer that print so is done not have by seasonable Qing Dynasty before sky, the data acceptance of printer will very poor, this affects the printing rate of printer badly, serious word can bring about printer happening " play dead " phenomenon. Print the acceptance of data to increase, the job that increases printer effectively transmits speed, we are OK the basis needs actually, will undertake to printing the capacity space that receives buffer enlarge is allowed. Below, we from adjust with print those who receive buffer to concern to register the value that express key to set out, will rise appropriately print the capacity space that receives buffer:

In the workstation system that joins in printer place above all, in clicking systematic desktop with mouse one by one " begin " , " move " command, input in playing the system that give to run circle " Regedit " string command, click " affirmatory " after pushbutton, the enrollment that enters system of this locality workstation expresses editor window;

In the left active area that registers a watch to edit the window in this next, doubleclick with the mouse " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE " project, playing the enrollment that go out to express ever since with the mouse ordinal pitch on registers a watch below branch child key " SYSTEMCurrentControlSetlanmanserverParameters " , if cannot be found " Parameters " child when key, we can found afresh such enrollment watch child;
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