Olympic Games of 40 million page is printed associate ready!

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Distance Beijing Olympic Games kicks off to have only a few days, as the drawing near of the Olympic Games, the TOP partner as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, exclusive IT equipment provider, the each preparation job that associate is main already be in order. For the concept of Olympic Games of science and technology of carry out travel, associate devote oneself to to be mixed with outstanding product, technology service, make stable information system. During the Olympic Games, many 5800 associate the printing job that printer will assume a project of match of many 600 Olympic Games, with the printout of 40 million the quantity is in for a short while inside disseminate Olympic Games information to world each district.

Associate Ma Zheng of general manager of department of peripheral number facilities checks printer to prepare a case in news center

Associate printer applies in system of inquiry of center of Olympic Games news

Export equipment as indispensable information, associate printer serves with what perfect with outstanding product, technology, answer match dimensions successfully giant, use environment is changeful wait for multiple challenge, the stability that ensured information printout system moves. A few days ago, 5800 pass what international Olympic committee checks strictly to associate printer, build successfully case include system of achievement of timing points system, place, match to manage system, information to release the core such as system of office of system, Olympic Games the information with match expedite system outputs platform, enclothe the Olympic Games 37 matches place, all information field of place of 18 blame contest, for the Olympic Games the match offers the important task of the support that print since bear.

5800 printer are garrisoned 55 place accept an Olympic Games to examine in the round

From associate the respect understands, by 3343 printer that associate to be offerred solely, 2546 muti_function machine of an organic whole, in all many 5800 are printed and equipment of aircraft of an organic whole has accepted an Olympic Games to examine in the round in place of 55 Olympic Gameses. These Olympic Games place include to go to Hong Kong from bird's nest already the 37 contests place of horsemanship match, include again from TOC (advocate technical center) the place of 18 blame contest that reachs capital airport. During whole Olympic Games, associate printer will assume a complex and formidable printout job with top-ranking character, print wonderful Olympic Games.

Pressure of the difficult problem of straight face Olympic Games that print is fluctuant force
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