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Does the laser printer replace ink jet printer how to many time still need in the round? To this problem public figure of a lot of trades expresses to reply hard, but stimulate hit a kind of consensus that will surmount gush to hit the mainstream product that makes market of the peripheral that print to already became people. The research report that IDC of orgnaization of famous market survey issues recently is forecasted namely, the laser printer will exceed ink jet printer 2008, become China to print the main product of peripheral market.

Current, ink jet printer basically relies on family expenses market to maintain market share, the laser printer has advantage place in market of business affairs application. As Beijing Olympic Games hold, of level of whole society informatization rise, business promotes somewhat necessarily with the dimensions of the market. To this, manufacturer of traditional ink jet printer rolled out a series of business to hit type to march with gush already business uses the market. The laser printer manufacturer that is a delegate with SamSung is same not dare laches, begin to wait for the level to send force in channel, product, widen business uses the market further.

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2008, samSung held grand dealer to use strategic news briefing in Beijing, march in the round business uses the market. Personage of a lot of analysises does poineering work this 2 times when regard SamSung as, in order to highlight the important sense that SamSung business uses the strategy. And before this, use a of the strategy main product line as SamSung business, what printer already was decided clearly to be SamSung electron future to develop namely is strategical product, become business of SamSung fight in some places one by one to use the breach of the market. After SamSung business is released formally with the strategy, samSung printer also came back to be held namely taste a news briefing newly, announced the market strategy 2008. The integral resource that the Piao Genxi of president of division of SamSung group big China that attends a news briefing indicates clearly to will rely on SamSung promotes the rapid development of printer business.

Wait for old brand manufacturer than Aipusheng, HP, the time that SamSung enters printer market is opposite later, but also obtained not the achievement of common. Have laser to print the manufacturer of engine core technology as, be based on advantage of oneself research and development, samSung puts evolution in laser printer and domain of machine of laser an organic whole mainly. Already made the whole world manufacturer of the 2nd big laser printer, laser is muti_function the shipment volume of machine of an organic whole ranks the first place. In Chinese market likewise such. After entering Chinese market 2001, the course is developed for years, depend on brand advantage, and actual strength of research and development of outstanding products plan ability, technology, samSung enters range of manufacturer of laser printer of a gleam of very quickly.
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