Draw of HP Designjet 5100 with respect to business ideal " money " graph

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Printer of old width of cloth of HP Designjet 5100 is market of the spray paint that HP develops quickly in the light of China, photo and a of development brand-new printer product. Make to basically face spray paint job new entrant is mixed in the solution with an efficient economy of miniature company, the outstanding character that place of HP Designjet 5100 behaves and rich function, Gao Ke relies on gender and tall productivity, and inferior use cost, be sure to become company level user to realize the good choice of low investment, tall redound.

Perfect deduce character and function

Qualitative respect is tasted in output, HP Designjet 5100 used color of advanced 6 kinds of HP statified technology and the printing system that is as high as 1200dpi resolution, the colour that can realize broad colour gamut, successive tonal peace to slip thereby transfers, relaxed contented user tastes qualitative slashing demand to pressworking; In the meantime, the application of technology of HP patent ink, also can the image of the colour He Liangli that utmost ground ensures output is vivid.

Notable is, HP Designjet 5100 had personalized research and development technically still in the light of the demand of Chinese market, its are aimed at the back glue with Chinese the most popular market, lamp piece the paper color curve of the development that print, in assure to print character while still can promote the rate that print considerably; In the meantime, HP Designjet 5100 also shows good paper to all sorts of popular medium that print comfortable match performance, the RIP of the buy outside passing (grating image processor) can accurate on the of all kinds medium that print reductive CMYK and RGB colour.

Reliable and efficient output assures

HP Designjet 5100 adopts as identical as HP Designjet 5500 technology platform, the property that can have maturity like HP Designjet 5500 consequently, high reliability and use a sex easily, ensure the enterprise can make full use of this one long realize gain via the platform of test and verify rise.

The speed of HP Designjet 5100 that print is as high as 52 square metre / hour, the HP Jetdirect 620n of buy printed server card to use those who fit Windows environment to be printed without driver inside, working flow can join easily network, improve manufacturing efficiency greatly thereby. 5 kinds when it returns support to include TIFF inside embedded printer language, offer direct TIFF to print a passage, can satisfy all sorts of printing requirement of enterprise user. In addition, HP Designjet 5100 still uses 0.85 life is longer inches to exceed the wide head that print, mark matched high capacity to receive paper axis, reel to enter cut paper paper, automatically implement and have " heat is inserted unplug " functional HP installs ink box formerly, the configuration that these human nature change can reduce artificial intervention rate, implementation greatly unmanned value is defended, save time then, improve manufacturing efficiency for the enterprise.
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