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The place of match of two big main aquatic sports of 2008 Olympic Games, water cubic metre and abstruse sail center make from investment in order to comes, associate printer serves with what perfect with outstanding product, technology, answer the multiple challenge such as moisture of high temperature of gianter than contest dimensions, use environment successfully, the stability that ensured information printout system moves. During the Olympic Games, associate through what international Olympic committee checks strictly printer is serving at Olympic Games place, cover all information field of project of the match on water of 08 Olympic Gameses, bear is worn the important task that provides the support that print for Olympic Games natant match.

Service water cubic metre associates the exacting on printer experience water is taken an examination of

Regard Beijing Olympic Games as one of mark sex buildings, "Water is cubic " building dimensions and equipment condition already all reached the whole world the level of top class natant place. A few days ago, be worth what Olympic Games match is like besmear like fire to undertake, swim, diving, wait for a project to be in match of water cubic metre, because multinomial world record is broken in water cubic metre, water is cubic much a new expression " magic square " . "Water is cubic " office management of the center, match management, achievement is released wait for concentration of height of more than 10 kinds of technology application. The technology of giant match dimensions and concentration applies, decided match information environment is complex, huge the characteristic such as data processing. The damp environment with aquatic sports special project is printer move offer astringent test.

It is reported, associate to be in early considered a series of issues to help somebody attain his aim last year, the environment that is aimed at natatorium house technically was developed have " ultimate nucleus " a series of printer of the technology, the course associates the whole world the strict test of 46 labs, associate printer product is used easily in stable and reliable, safety, the respect such as green environmental protection, huge data processing achieves international top class level, satisfy each exacting of complex match environment completely to cut a demand.

Associate printer is in answer high temperature when tall wet environment, sensor of temperature and humidity of the buy inside its can is opposite according to outside ambient the influence of the machine, the temperature of self-correcting printer interior, get used to the harsh environment of high temperature thereby. In the meantime, in printer medicinal powder hot passageway and gave blast tuyere to use convection design, can drop printer interior temperature quickly so, make printer works below high temperature more stable. 250 pages high capacity is sealed carton, reduce the effect of external tall wet environment to paper effectively, ensure paper, fixing is normal.
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