Printer of the SamSung since energy-saving wind unboiled water makes green green

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"Is the noise of this printer big? Is the operation complex? " in a few sell, the green that more and more care products already began when consumer is buying a product is energy-saving and characteristic. Can say, the application of Beijing Olympic Games and hold a main effect to let popular feeling of green concept development namely. What this reflect in the construction that the Olympic Games publicizes a house this year is apparent also, unlike before onefold the glamour that reveals science and technology, sponsor of top class Olympic Games still carries the whole world such as SamSung had green old standard.

Printer green is energy-saving into consensus

As we have learned, the house of conduct propaganda of SamSung Olympic Games that appears formally on August 5 is shown distinctive " budding " model, used adequately can reclaim the natural material of recycle, be explained faultlessly and carried out the design concept that is core with green. Before this, samSung still rolled out green strategy in the round. July, CEO Li Runyu is in SamSung electron whole world to be visited first China when to SamSung electron (Shandong) of the enterprise such as digital printer limited company made an on-the-spot investigation to be revealed advance fulfil " green runs a plan " deep desire.

"Green runs a plan " it is a when SamSung implements green strategy main component, in order to obtain a product, manage, the green of factory, community is changed. Among them, the green of the product is changed had obtained not the achievement of common, the business line such as printer rolled out a few more outstanding green products.

Regard main office as equipment, the green of printer is energy-saving change the consensus of a kind of development that has become printer firm. Begin exert oneself to promote the research and development of lubricious product, stress the application that saves the function such as Chinese ink, economic paper especially. And what differ with other printer manufacturer is, besides in the province the respect such as Chinese ink sends force, samSung printer is right of green product make, more it is the person that be based on offset to expend convenient print, print easily those who wait for demand is contented, accomplished truly cabinet and delicate, low noise is printed. This kind of characteristic of SamSung is mixed in CLP-315 of chromatic laser printer black and white laser is muti_function machine of an organic whole got incisively and vividly on SCX-4500 body reflect.

Human nature changes a design ideal explanation green is idiosyncratic

Black is the main body color that exterior of printer of SamSung of nearly one paragraph of period designs. Whole body of CLP-315 of SamSung color laser printer bestrewed black, be in only Control Panel part, the key-press that has an orange is adorned among them. Still emphasize on exterior design highlighted clipper-built design idiosyncratic, those who make whole presents a racing bike is elegant feeling. Body is very cabinet also, facilitating shift, convenient user is used.
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