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[Beijing dispatch] associate inside countrywide limits to be started in the round " Olympic Games high-quality goods serves, redound is new old client---Associate projector serves a month the 3rd times " activity. Since afterwards associated to start projector to serve lunar activity inside projector industry first, associate activity of projector service month with active, high grade, seasonable service, solved a lot of problems that appear in projector use process for the user, got the accord of broad user is approbated with height reputably. The 3rd associates activity of projector service month begins since August 1, end to September 30, during the activity, all associating the user can be passed dial 4008101234 register an experience to associate of projector VIP expert come freely service and a series of high grade privilege serves.

Be in this second during projector serves lunar activity, inside countrywide limits, VIP serves adviser to be able to come freely to serve, undertake to equipment cleanness maintains, maintenance is safeguarded; VIP service adviser is offerred to the user use about projector, maintain, maintenance proposal; More those who let user expect be less than is, during mobile month, the user can buy quality goods bulb with preferential price case, VIP serves adviser to still can provide free installation service, delay defend a service (lengthen guarantee period) and upgrade service (send long upgrade to come) ; To protecting outside machine, avoid when maintenance collect artificial service fee, cost of collection spare parts. In addition, offer on the foundation that associates in service acceptance answer speed faster, service range is wider wait for high administrative levels to serve, be aimed at big client actual condition, analyse specific requirement of the client, the oldest rate satisfies the efficient application of client informatization. In the service the middle of a month is offerred a series of service, the experience that makes an user true arrived " sacred " like exalted experience.

Learn according to the reporter, besides service month activity, associate the VIP expert service that projector rolls out is in industry also is illustrious and famous, have public praise extremely, its basically serve content to be: One, special railway line serves, exalted experience (number of special railway line: 010-400-810-9868) , VIP service special railway line is offerred for the user be diagnosed remotely conveniently and the technology supports a service, your user never leave home, all enjoy VIP exalted experience; 2, the service is advisory, the close-fitting bodyguard of the product, the service that associates to lock up the projector technologist that passes attestation qualification surely to serve as an user for each projector VIP clients is advisory, offer for the user round-the-clock 4 hours answer a service, to the user professional equipment is safeguarded reach use proposal, and the demand according to the user " quantity body " custom-built service solution. No matter the user is used to the product, safeguard, maintenance have any problems, all can solve through serving adviser to stand; 3, check of equipment make one's rounds, your user have nothing worry about, to assure the regular job of projector, undertaking check and maintaining to equipment regularly is indispensable, the condition that this can assure projector is good not only, make its job more excellent, and still can prolong service life. For this, associate to serve the device that every half an year can give the engineer the client professionally to undertake cleanness maintains service. The user will cast off equipment to safeguard brought trouble thoroughly from now on, professional service force aids what the user realizes pair of products easily to control; 4, material of quality goods bad news, come to install a service, in the process that uses a product in the user, if need to change bad news material (bulb) , the user needs to dial VIP to serve special railway line only, material of bad news of former outfit quality goods deserves easily to send excellent; Make the product expression of the user gets prize of more stable, clear, dazzle. Each minutes of investment of your user can get overflow get one's own back. Exceed strong VIP service, can saying is to let projector user do not have trouble back at home thoroughly.
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