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In IT product classification, projector differentiates normally in office peripheral, and manufacturer of this kind of product is not to offer those who come to serve commonly. But the distinction with projector very old to having again at average office peripheral photograph, the price is high, technical content is high, use environment requirement is strict, the operation is more complex also. Although good projector product is in quality to be protected character period inside won't appear commonly hardware issue, but do not be afraid of 10 thousand be afraid of in case, if gave an issue, you are again professional, be afraid oneself also are not solved. The painstaking for the moment that holding projector in the arms to rush about between use place and maintenance station is not carried, in this paragraph of time that the machine gives trouble you will not have regular job, brings economically loss also cannot be measured.

Our company is hold water before long ad firm, I basically move back and forth between the assembly room of different client everyday, have all sorts of advertisement and the proposal that project activity engineers, accordingly, projector also became one of my close-fitting IT equipment. Build as before long ad firm, I hope to demonstrate through my and introduce, leave the first impression of professional, innovation to the client.

Be in before in the job, I also had used a few projector, but not quite satisfactory to the bulk of those products and umbriferous quality. It is fortunately when the beginning of the year I bought the C10 projector that associate, through the use of period of time, discovery is used rise to go to the lavatory simply, picture picture is full and true, the proposal that gives me graces many.

See recently associate to doing projector to serve a month. During associating in service month acceptance: Service content applies to all associating projector user, do not distribute product model, protect inside outside protecting, if be in,use only associate projector all applicable.

1.VIP serves adviser to come freely to serve, undertake to equipment cleanness maintains, maintenance is safeguarded.

2.VIP service adviser is offerred to the user use about projector, maintain, maintenance proposal.

3. user can buy quality goods bulb with preferential price case, VIP serves adviser to provide free installation service.

4. user can buy service product with preferential price case: Delay defend a service (lengthen guarantee period) and upgrade service (send long upgrade to come) .

5. to protecting outside machine, avoid when maintenance collect artificial service fee, cost of collection spare parts.

Above information can be dialed associate 400-810-1234 of hot line of service of projector whole nation is dialed " 3 " date key seeks advice.

The projector that all associating can undertake free cleanness maintains, and be not divided protect inside outside protecting, the honoured guest that still can enjoy VIP serves. It is the sky dropped big pasty really, the love opportunity that I am missing me maintains maintain. Then, I dial 4008101234 phones to undertake registered first according to regulation, the phone put through very quickly, customer service young lady's sweet sound is transmitted from mike, make me more true to the impression that associate. In customer service young lady skilled guidance falls, I registered my information very quickly, next, the news that awaits VIP engineer namely.
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