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Projector expert comes freely to serve a service! Rose on August 1, 2008, associate for redound projector user holds " the 3rd projector serves a month " the activity pulls open heavy curtain in the round in the whole nation. Since this activity is begun from last year, with comprehensive, fast with excellent service, solved projector to use a lot of medium real problems for the user, the accord that got broad user reputably. Was worth an Olympic Games to be held grandly August this year, so the theme of this second activity is " Olympic Games high-quality goods serves, redound is new old client " between this second service month, associate will " the client is a center " , "The service is everlasting " the incisively and vividly that service concept shows.

Serve month of thick Mo Chongcai, VIP expert service continues to roll out

As we have learned, associate projector VIP expert comes freely to serve, it is this second " the 3rd projector serves a month " mobile grand opera, this service and associate what projector rolls out recently is new taste form a complete set to roll out. VIP expert service is no matter for a short while the client is answered, return be product spare parts to supply a system, surpassed service level of the person of the same trade. At the appointed time, associate inside countrywide limits to provide a batch of technologies the projector VIP with very rich experience of excellent, well-trained, field application serves advisory engineer, will offer more all-around skill to support kimono Wu to work for the user.

VIP expert service basically includes: Above all, associate to open 010-400-810-9868 of number of service special railway line for the user, the long-distance service that can obtain an expert through this phone and technology are diagnosed; Next, 4 hours efficient and fast answer speed, VIP expert is in for a short while inside solve equipment problem. Thirdly, associate to serve what every half an year can give the engineer the client professionally to set undertake cleanness maintains service; Its 4, through VIP service special railway line orders material of original bad news, the expert comes freely to install for the client.

Client of free service great benefit associates the user is radiant with joy

To want all associating projector user experiences the high-class service that associate, associate acceptance: During the activity, content of the following service applies to all associating projector user, do not distribute product model, protect inside outside protecting, if be in,use only associate projector all applicable.

Associate acceptance: On August 1, 2008 - on September 30 during mobile month, inside countrywide limits, VIP serves adviser to come freely to serve, undertake to equipment cleanness maintains, maintenance is safeguarded; VIP service adviser is offerred to the user use about projector, maintain, maintenance proposal; During mobile month, the user can buy quality goods bulb with preferential price case, VIP serves adviser to provide free installation service; During mobile month, the user can buy service product with preferential price case: Delay defend a service (lengthen guarantee period) and upgrade service (send long upgrade to come) , to protecting outside machine, avoid when maintenance collect artificial service fee, cost of collection spare parts. In addition, offer on the foundation that associates in service acceptance answer speed faster, service range is wider wait for high administrative levels to serve, be aimed at big client actual condition, analyse specific requirement of the client, the oldest rate satisfies the efficient application requirement of client informatization.
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