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Recently, associate projector transmits a good news again, with one action wins the bid " flow of film of figure of country of management board of film of total bureau of TV of national broadcast film shows equipment " 1950 large sheet in making public invite public bidding to purchase an item, win the bid amount exceeds 30 million. This invite public bidding is the most large-scale on history of project of Chinese number cinema purchase, the project is complex, difficulty is great, those who share contest prize also be brand of the tip inside course of study. 30 million large sheet is gotten in associating, created projector industry another in single record. Mark brand is medium in associating in 4, win the bid scale is amounted to 37.5% , large in so large-scale invite public bidding proportion wins the bid, not only clear showed associate the professional quality that projector place has, more showed the abundant actual strength that associates on projector market.

Projector that win the bid it is to associate T201, its depend on outstanding and banner DDP3020 image processing system and TI alone the technology of acme colour ™ of pace whole world, in image the respect such as expression and color rendition is having not the expression of common, can present a more pure and fresh and clear picture, the painting that brings cinefilm level is qualitative, it is a product of very outstanding digital cinema projector.

Repeatedly in large sheet, the history is brilliant

Review weak point development history of a few years, associate the result that projector obtained your person to fix eyes upon, more seize in teaching industry invite public bidding up to now country's biggest 2800 large sheet. In the day in the past, associate the type such as brunt type T022 also wins the bid in succession, win the bid a lot of trades that limits involves and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Jiangxi. Domestic projector market is held for a long time in foreign brand of larger portion today, associate repeatedly in large sheet says palpability associates not only the maturity of projector technology, more important is it was reflected associate excelsior product concept acquired the market approbate. Associate this in sheet can be regarded is to associate projector had mastered active advantageous position in the competition of as well-known as international trademark.

Umbriferous domain starts the number again beautiful accomplishment

This " rural figure film purchases an item " win the bid the development sense of umbriferous to associating business is great. It is meant not only associate projector is in the number is umbriferous the application of domain high end, more because this project is involved,what exceed 100 thousand with each place arrive in the center of purchase dimensions, those who purchase award is big, the meaning that travels to rural culture also is different from every noise. Particularly important is, this is the complex project of conformity of a height, involve many government sectors and detect orgnaization, and projector manufacturer, broadcast the associated use requirement with the very close existence between manufacturer of server manufacturer, sound box equipment, additional in the center of with difference of circumstance of local courtyard line very big, use environment is particularly harsh. Because this is based on these special requirements of cinema project, whether enter this field smoothly, high quality product is the first. Taste evaluation through strict yield, associate the high component that T201 product evaluates with many individual event, and the dominant position that evaluates integratedly, become the first firm that passes attestation finally.
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