Industry of water of our country function rises today carry out " electroanalysi

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Network of fax of 2007-3-23 China

Xinhua net Beijing on March 22 report (reporter Liu Puquan) the trade of domestic function water that makes by organization of institute of Chinese health care first standard- - " CAS124-2007 electroanalysises the machine that make water " be released 22 days in Beijing and carry out. Participate in the expert that metric system decides and industry public figure to think, of this one standard come on stage, be helpful for raising the admittance threshold of the industry, the health of stimulative industry develops.

Make committee chairman Zhou Bangyong introduce according to chemical industry of occupation standard of association of Chinese health care, our country go up oneself century 90 time introduce from abroad electroanalysis product of the machine that make water, already formed certain industrial dimensions up to now. Current, our country already had 20 much home appliance to see company of the aircraft that make water, produce per year electroanalysis the machine that make water makes an appointment with 300 thousand, year sales revenue amounts to 1.5 billion yuan, the product already entered family of ordinary common people gradually. But, electroanalysis those who make water machine industry lack authority all the time, scientific industry sex standard, cause product quality the good and bad are intermingled, the health that affected a trade develops.

Electroanalysis the machine that make water is device of a kind of water treatment. " CAS124-2007 electroanalysises the machine that make water " method of requirement of the product classification that the standard makes water machine to electroanalysising and mark, technology, experiment, test gauge is mixed mark, pack, carry, keep in storage made specific provision. This one standard is applied to it is raw water with municipal tap water or water supply of other part Chinese style, use what diaphragmatic electrolysis undertakes electroanalysising and supply family and group drinking water to make water machine.