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Author: Network of fax of China of Un88 2007-3-26

After electrograph industry of home grows through old high speed, enter perch to send exhibition period smoothly nowadays, although annual integral sales volume still is in,grow, but industry with each passing day type is small, channel profit especially the profit of downstream agency is thin with each passing day, before the business already was inferior to greatly. An electrograph just 10 come the profit of a money passes to enjoying before " wedding day " already belonged to agency profitless, still resemble electrograph of same before single-crop farming can managing the current situation only, agency wants to do do by force big, must take the route that diversity develops.

Change thoroughly, change to be connected. The opportunity often favors those have the person of accurate stock eye. While agency of a lot of electrograph is not abandoning traditional electrograph running business, also made other business, their actual strength according to oneself and specialty, some carries estate, some opens meal, return some opening that wait even locksmith a moment, there is no lack of among them very successful typical case. The author notices recently, home electroanalysises the new choice that makes water machine industry already became partial electrograph agency to extend management business.

Electroanalysis water market demand is huge

Water is the source of life, it is the main component of human body, have adjust functionary of human body physiology is important action. The inadequacy that the unreasonable, human body of structure of modern society diet moves, atmospheric is polluted badly and the element such as overweight psychological burden, the acidity that brings about human body environment is changed more and more serious, cause all sorts of life cycle diseases then, because this need undertakes certain adjustment. Basically emphasize safe sanitation the mineral water with general and at present drinkable people, clean water, natural water, spring water, and electroanalysis water besides safe healthy demand, the acid-base value that still can disclose a water will have a state to undertake modulatory to human body. The PH value of alkalescent water is more than 7, show alkalescent, and contain certain mineral ion reach contain negative electric charge to wait, can eliminate the freedom inside body base, such more be helpful for healthy; The PH value of acidity water is less than 7, have oxidisability, apply to the water cleanness, substandard that raise a flower to use. Current, electroanalysis water is in the country such as Japan, Korea is using as a kind of medical apparatus and instruments. Be in our country, as standard of living rise, consumer is taller and taller also to the requirement of drinking water, want to be drunk wholesomely not only, drink a health even, electroanalysis water is revolution that health waters, its are potential market demand is very huge.
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