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The winter goes spring come, spring breeze sends warm, in the season that anabiosises in this everythings on earth, inn of first hypostatic door of Beijing of history peaceful rich also pulled open heavy curtain, torpid the ZhongGuanCun inn course winter is made meticulously, be about to open the door eventually greet a visitor!

Shi Taibo ZhongGuanCun inn is Ju Qing of world office things the first retailing shop that after Shitaibo enters China, opens in capital Beijing, also be the admiral that force of Shi Taibo bend makes demonstrative inn, no matter exceeded other door inn from business area or merchandise category. Total business acreage amounts to this inn 2000 square metre, cent is three-layer, a hall sets center of He Wenyin of client service center, 2 are office things supermarket, cent is set overall material of fine long hair of electric equipment of facilities of equipment of peripheral, office, computer periphery, number, communication equipment, office, office, paper kind the 10 many zones such as appearance of article of things, office, every day object and business affairs gift, sort of things of office of place carry out is amounted to 2700 a variety of; three-layer is office furniture postal service hall, management product has series of flatlet of ark of sofa of table of chair of chair of class stage, class, desk, office, conference, office, tea table, file, safe, screen and hotel domestic all. Whole storefront covered each aspects of daily office things, the office articles for use that place of big small and medium sized business requires can be purchased easily inside door inn, explained Shitaibo faultlessly to always be held to " one-stop " the management concept of the service.

ZhongGuanCun door inn is located in south academy of sciences of Haidian area ZhongGuanCun Lu Xinke auspicious garden 4 buildings, zhongGuanCun 2 bridges southward 100 meters, traffic facilitates 10 times. This inn will be a center with ZhongGuanCun, radiation Haidian area reachs circumjacent area county, for enterprise or business unit and government organization offer scientific and efficient office to purchase a service. The each preparation job before at present this inn opens business formally is main already be in order, predict to appeared with brand-new attitude namely April before consumer. This inn will hold a variety of sales promotion activities during practice, pay close attention to please!
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