China sent into even the fax machine is not assembled

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Some people criticize me too much this time to write Foxconn, Foxconn so good to you, I took that Foxconn's money. However, I still write, say. Because of this manufacturing giant Foxconn before, we are Too short, the gap is too big. I just want this gap to speak out, so we do not face the feeling of shame and backward. How big is the gap in China? We do not qualified to talk about products, talk about technology, let us talk about Foxconn that we look down on OEM assembly. Assembly is the part you think so easy to plug together? Happens, I Assembly is not a lot of their products. For example, Foxconn OEM fax machines, printers, copiers, digital cameras, office automation products such Chinese enterprises can not be assembled. Our desk, or even have a home with fax, copy functions to the telephone, the family has for generations of digital cameras, but you thought not, these products are almost entirely produced by Japanese companies, there is no A domestic enterprise's brand. 80's, when television advertising started, Guilin, Ricoh, Ricoh Guangzhou advertising has allowed us memories, that is China and Japan's first joint venture is the production of printers, copiers, Fax machine. These enterprises have long disappeared. I brushed the history of Shenzhen enterprises, such as Shenzhen Konka year enterprise fax and copy machines are also produced.