July 2010 Market Analysis Report of China machine

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July 2010, in the MFP under the pressure of competition, fax machines, the market a bit lonely, attention has declined. Since no commercial equipment sales to the traditional peak season, the major manufacturers also seemed less motivated sales . Internet consumer research center of attention ZDC data according to the fax machine has launched the "July 2010 Market Analysis Report of China's machine." First, the brand concerned about the pattern analysis 1, fax machines, the overall market Three Kingdoms Three brands showed a tendency July 2010, the Chinese market concerns fax machines are still contrasting pattern: Panasonic, Brother and Canon are three brand awareness more than 80%, 77.8% higher than the concern of the first half of the proportion increased slightly; and other branding Degrees are less than 5%, in the original fax machine is not high degree of concern the market, appears isolated. Such a sharp contrast is also concerned that the polarization of the Chinese machine market trends change fast, which is a fax machine in the multi-functional Body under the competition pressure machine inevitable result of concern about the fax machine decreases, while the smaller share of market attention after they distributed among the several giant, making the widening gap between brands. Panasonic, Brother and Canon is like Wei, Shu and Wu Sanguo, into the three pillars of power, both compete with each other and join together to prevent other brands have the opportunity to increase market focus. Panasonic brothers struggling to catching up with under pressure Panasonic's brand awareness over the first half fell 3.2 percentage points, although no one to shake the position of leader, but in the face of the struggling brothers catching up, the pressure is not small. Brother's attention only in July rose 5.1% on the beginning of the year The trend has been higher for concern among brothers and Matsushita by the first half of the difference between the proportion of 19.2% to 10.9% in July, the two increasingly fierce competition between giants. 2, thermal paper fax machine market Through the thermal paper fax machine to receive faxes while there were not long kept, paper thin, and so disadvantages, but the latter is the low cost of the other fax machines can not reach, it is also the characteristics of such a low price, making the heat Min paper fax machine is not high although the market is very concerned about stability. Panasonic leader According to ZDC data show that in July the market concerned thermal paper fax machines are Panasonic, optical communication, brother, Sharp and Sanyo five brand monopoly. Matsushita's concern more than 60% of the proportion of the market leader in thermal paper fax machines, representing Half of a relatively large increase, the overall concern about the continuing rise. Those who pass beyond the optical Thermal paper fax machine market in the first half of the fourth grade optical access pass, became the runner-up in July, while more than a brother and Sharp brands. However, the concern can be found under the top graph, the leading optical communication Brother and Sharp Panasonic is far from obvious advantages, it can be said of these three brands of the market focus equally matched, ranking very unstable. 3, plain paper fax machine market Panasonic to the top spot in the king brothers July plain paper fax machine market, the biggest spectacle than brothers to the championship under the Panasonic squeeze the throne, and finally the advantages of a smaller plain paper fax machine at the summit brand list. Panasonic's attention from the first half fell 6.6 Percentage points higher than in the first half brother's attention, an increase of 7.1%, although currently very small gap between the two, but the brother's attention since the beginning of a growing trend it is likely to maintain this lead. Obvious gap between the brand Observed in July 2010 China's brand of plain paper fax machine market focus position, as shown below, in addition to Brother, Panasonic and Canon, the other list all the brand's attention less than 10%, the overall gap between the obvious, distinct camps .