Assistant brothers fell to multi-function fax 1530 2820

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Editor's treasure Ruikang business today learned from Jinan, Jinan, Brother FAX-2820 fax machine in the latest offer raised to the current market price of 1,530 yuan, Brother FAX-2820's performance in comparison to print satisfactory, good price Very suitable for some SMEs to buy. Brother FAX-2820's appearance with a compact design, the size of only 374 × 374 × 262MM, not taking up too much space. The body shell is also more sophisticated work, more able to fit for any work environment. In addition, Brother FAX-2820 has a very user-friendly design, tilting control panel can be more intuitive for the user, the user can clearly see and control panel. Brother FAX-2820 laser machine with print, copy, fax and other functions. In printing, the Brother FAX-2820-one with 14 pages per minute print speed, 1200 × 600dpi maximum print resolution. Copying, the speed of up to 14 pages / min, a resolution of 200 × 300dpi, 20 pages of continuous copying. Another machine with a 250-page input tray and up to 100-page output tray, and the 20-page ADF that allows users in a multi- Page when the fax or copy paper can save frequent renewal time. In print, the Brother FAX-2820 laser black and white mode with print resolution of 1200 × 600dpi, print speed was 14-15 per minute for A4 paper can be compared with the entry-level laser printer. In the complex Indian side, FAX-2820 has a maximum 200 × 300dpi copy resolution, but also support 50% to 200% zoom copying, good results.