Small desktop fax machine brother 878 price is only 749 yuan

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Recently, I learned from the Datong Boyu technology, brothers 878 price is 749 yuan at present, like a friend can go to the Drum Tower Computer No. S38 2nd floor south area to buy, dealers Tel: 15935248884,13753240798. Brother 878 shape 271 * 324 * 340mm, 2.8Kg, the more petite figure, covering less. 15 seconds per page transmission speed, 9.6Kbps modem speed, the use of ribbon thermal transfer printing method, ADF: 10 pages; tray capacity: 30 pages to print into the paper, the LCD screen characters × 1 line 16 ; double standard Caller ID Caller ID (FSK / DTMF). Edit Comment: Brothers 878 is a very good small fax machine, cost is very high, it is practical, continuous copy 1-99 pages, carving modem speed 9.6Kbps, the speed is very good, features are comprehensive, may wish to look like a friend.