AOFAX-A8 PC fax function of the telephone assistant Detailed

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Computer fax number of occasions, also known as paperless fax, electronic fax, digital fax, network fax, fax systems, by the dedicated hardware and fax software. By Kim Heng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. launched AOFAX series of computer products, fax machines and fax server is the leader in this area, 298 per product line covers fax machines mini-computers, to the value of the tens of million of general-purpose fax server and military high-speed facsimile system, public security dedicated fax server, fax server and other business-class, is the only company with a full range of digital fax products brand. To meet the needs of individual fax users, gold Infineon Technologies recently launched mini PC fax A8, the product just listed, the market will be favorable for a few months, the product several times out of stock. The reason, in addition to the appearance of small and beautiful A8 computer fax machine, fax and reliable power, the market price low (only 298 yuan / unit) and other outside factors, A8 fax telephone secretary functions outside, but also attracted a highlight of many users one. This article AOFAX-A8 PC fax function of the phone secretary for a system of sorting out, I hope the readers understand the latest fax capabilities A8 computer help. A8 object is the use of computer fax machine business people and business managers, and their shared phone lines and fax lines and fax send and receive calls much more than the number of times, at times even a few times as much. In this case, in addition to easily send and receive faxes, how to effectively help them deal with the call to become more useful, and can send and receive faxes when the computer shuts hand, insignificant. AOFAX A8 performance is not only a good computer fax machine, it is a round of telephone secretary, and everyone can not do without the phone GUIDEC. First, the call records Click AOFAX Fax Manager interface GUIDEC button, or click on the phone GUIDEC Windows toolbar icon can pop up the phone as shown below GUIDEC main interface. AOFAX A8 fax software can automatically record received calls, missed calls, dialed calls, etc., while on the phone GUIDEC in the main interface, you can show your future plans for outgoing calls. Second, the call-screen bomb When a call when, AOFAX fax software on your computer will automatically pop-up window to display caller ID, call the attribution. If this number is present in the phone book, then the window shows the call while the corresponding contact information. Lets you answer the phone before the caller information accurately grasp. Third, the automatic answering and voicemail After playing phone screen, if you pick up the phone, 3 seconds window will close; inconvenience if your incoming call at this time, you can receive a fax or leave a message click on the button, A8 computer fax will automatically prompt the other follow-up operation; if you are not in the computer next to the response based on the number of rings you set, A8 computer fax will automatically answer an incoming call, leave a message with voice prompts or send a fax. Received faxes and messages, you can click on the main interface GUIDEC phone Fax Management button, enter the AOFAX Fax Manager to view and listen. Fourth, customer call history Telephone fax machine in the A8 GUIDEC computer software main interface, double-click the call log to a customer number, or select the number of call history, click the button below, you and the customer's call history would glance. Select a record, you can edit (add name, note the contents of the second call), remove, software, set aside, add phone book and other operations. Fifth, on behalf of the call schedule and to remind A8 computer fax call records and call history so you remember the past, and automatic call answering playing screen to help you deal with now, to be allocated to the program and remind you to help you arrange the future. Click the phone GUIDEC be allocated in the main interface program button, your future will have to make a call schedule, which you can add, edit and delete files. Time of one to A8 will automatically play the computer screen to remind the fax, the phone plan to be allocated once allocated, A8 will automatically delete the phone number. Sixth, the software dial-up With customers, in the keys on a telephone dial-up too much trouble? It does not matter, AOFAX telephone dialing software GUIDEC help you. You can call up directly from the phone book number to allocate customers can also use the computer keyboard or mouse to enter the number dialed, dial the fax machine after the A8 computer remind you pick up the handset the call begins. VIII, phone ownership to inquiries A8 telephone fax machine in the computer GUIDEC main interface, click the attribution button, mobile phone ownership to inquiries interface, enter the phone number, click Query, the interface will show the ownership of the phone, if this number is in the phone book , the interface will display contact information corresponding to the call. Mobile phone ownership to inquiries interface Small, the price of the A8 is only 298 per machine actually mini computers have such powerful! This may be AOFAX series digital fax products steadily to win one of the reasons it --- professional, focused, and constantly explore, customers carefully to every detail.