Special Christmas Gifts for fax machines to send e-Xi an decided

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To Christmas "Xi'an resolutely electronic" launched a special "Christmas Promotion Plan" Date: December 12 -12 31 1. Christmas special for the launch of a special machine - KX-FT992CN, and presented special thermal paper roll. Panasonic KX-FT992CN Price: 799.0 yuan Price: 680.0 yuan 2. Any purchase of a thermal fax machine (KX-FT982CN, KX-FT986CN, KX-FT992CN, KX-FT996CN, KX-FT998CN, KX-FT976CN), have presented a roll of thermal paper. 3. Purchase of any type fax / one machine two or more, you can get a Mickey cup. 4. Purchase of any type fax / one machine more than five, you can get glass and electronic watches a Mickey.