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Maintenance experience talks: Serious ambiguous breakdown maintains projector im

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Breakdown phenomenon:

3 foreign measuring projector, signal of use AV terminal is transmitted, image is ambiguous and serious, cannot see detail of clear desktop content, at the same time serious horizontal stripe is disturbed, affect normal education badly to work.

Overhaul analysis:

1, signal of terminal of this machine use AV is transmitted, because of AV signal the biggest defend oneself rate can support 640*480 only, so the client mirrors image faintness, this attributes normal situation.

At the same time this machine uses lug 8 VGA scale down implement, join have VGA line. But change signal transmits mode (when the choice uses COMPUTER) , display blue screen, without signal input.

Try the VGA line of a measuring projector is direct join with the VGA interface that shows clip, show La Bing likewise.

2, work to do not affect teacher and student, offer to substitute for the client measuring projector, still can use AV line only, cannot use VGA line, estimation line or scale down implement have a problem.

Change after measuring projector, because still can use AV line to transmit only, and of AV line the biggest defend oneself rate support is 640*480, look image to still blur so, nevertheless reluctance can be used.

3, after the 3 foreign measuring projector the client bring back a company, the short line that uses 1M directly and the join that show clip, still do not search COMPUTER signal. AV is used after line and the join that show clip, can show, but image is ambiguous still.

4, the discovery after continueing to detect, measuring projector search is less than COMPUTER signal is because of measuring projector signal the VGA connect of input board causes a contact because of oxidation undesirable be caused by. Tear open the VGA outlet that 15 needles change after machine then, reuse VGA line joins, measuring projector can receive VGA signal normally, resolution achieves 1024*768, image clarity, can see the character below icon clearly, can numerate directly right the time of next horn.

5, run a hour continuously, close machine switch on the mobile phone again after 20 minutes, unplug insert line, it is normal that the machine still works, remand the machine then.

To prevent in case take line of 10 meters of VGA to reach client point, make sure the machine debugs a success.

6, after be in to the client, after joining 3 foreign measuring projector normally, still use the client's former VGA line. After affirming join is correct, add report to switch on the mobile phone, can search computer signal, but image slants apparently dark, do not have yellow at the same time, have blue, green, gules.

Try change the signal that it is AV, indication image and previous and same, but image color is normal, can judge measuring projector to do not have a problem from this, estimation is RGB bright balance was not adjusted good.

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