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The breakthrough is groovy, make printer seasonable cast off breakdown worry

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Printer is using a process for long in, happen such or the in that way breakdown that print is inevitable almost; To improve the work efficiency of printer effectively, many people undertook summing up to phenomenon of common the breakdown that print and trouble removal experience, when identical breakdown phenomenon is being encountered after such one some day can suit the remedy to the case, undertake the ground eliminated quickly having specific aim. Nevertheless also a few print breakdown phenomenon, when if depend on train of thought of as usual compasses to undertake eliminating,be being solved, can take a lot of roundabout way instead, the inextricability even breakdown that print, right now we must break through groovy, development train of thought, ability lets printer cast off the worry of strange breakdown!

1, clean in time, cast off new ink box to cannot print a trouble

Recently, the author one friend changed for his ink jet printer new ink box, but install new ink box hind, printer misfired actually. The telephone call that receives a friend " recourse " hind, the author drives breakdown to the spot at top speed. After observing carefully through, the ink jet printer that the author discovers to the friend is used is the printer of Epson Stylus Photo 870 ESC/P 2 that loves general to give birth to a brand, in a computer that this printer joined installation has Windows XP system directly, after the author tries to print an operation, discover really print any paper pages that come out to show without ink marks, and all of computer science department also does not play a task mistake to hint.

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Confront phenomenon of this kind of breakdown, what the author thinks of above all is printer place may confront even interconnected system of computer science department virus makes a surprise attack, then demur does not say, looked for the software reducing toxin of newest version quickly, undertook to all of computer science department comprehensive, thoroughly virus is checked reduce an operation, the course is long after awaiting, the author printed test page afresh again, the result discovers printer still appears same breakdown phenomenon. That can be printer appeared hardware attaint, bring about printer oneself is working status abnormal? The equipment government that the author opens a system again then implement the window, whether does the examination have mark of maize exclamation mark to appear among them, the working status that discovers the port that print as a result is very normal, this shows the driver installation of printer is correct; Later the author in desktop of ordinal executive system " begin " / " setting " / " printer and fax " command, enter the printer list window of all of this locality computer science department, click icon of among them printer of target ink jet with mouse right key, in carrying out quick menu " attribute " command, in the window of setting of attribute of ink jet printer that appearing ever since, microscope each parameter that print, but do not have the place that finds any errors, be this author to hold position of job of oneself of ink jet printer is normal.

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