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The problem that laser electrograph often appears reachs a means of settlement

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Current, as computer of table machine, notebook gain ground, electrograph also became us one of indispensable office peripheral in daily life. Those who be different from computer is, electrograph is to belong to running stores, each its component is used as ours, and be in with each passing day ageing, we are likely won't too notice this. That lets us talk about the problem that electrograph often appears and means of settlement.

One. The problem of laser scanning system

When laser the laser in scanning system reachs a variety of job lens to be waited to pollute by dust hind, will cause print a bottom ash to increase, picture is not clear. Usable and defatted cotton wipes them clean, but the original position that should notice not to change them or touch bad.

2. The problem of photoelectricity sensor

Photoelectricity sensor is polluted, can bring about printer to detect malfunction. After if the hand uses sensor sending paper,be being polluted, printer control system detects less than having, the signal that does not have paper, the hand uses function sending paper invalidation. Because this should use defatted cotton wipe relevant each sensor surface clean, make they keep clean, have from beginning to end pass feeling sensitivity.

3. The problem of detached claw (paperboard)

After detached claw sticks pink to agglomerate, become not quite smooth, prevent the transportation of paper, when making paper is outputted thereby, become curve drape shape, influence quality, can make paper cannot be outputted even and block herein. Accordingly, when if discover output,paper has drape, should notice clean depart is ungual. The method is carefully will detached claw gets off, careful erase sticks above useless pink to agglomerate, can burnish back attentively slippery.

4. The issue that selenium beats

From inside paper pattern analytic Selenium is roused is which side issue, OK and clean good good with respect to cleanness, clean still have a problem, that is about to change certain fittings.

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