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The stylus printer is common breakdown maintains an encyclopedia

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Latticedot matrix printer is to use the latticedot matrix firing pin inside the head that print to bump ribbon to produce character or figure on the paper that print then, so our habit call it the stylus printer, use at present more general is 24 needles printer, no matter be the printer of how many needle, the ribbon that its use is concolorous normally, of course, some lattice printer can print chromatic logo, but its print speed to want to compare ink jet printer slow, and precision inferior, noise is bigger also, the reason on put together brought about latticedot matrix printer to be shown on the market of family expenses printer of medium, high end wash out a trend -- the chromatic picture that cannot print high quality after all, but its are handling official bussiness domain (reach the section such as traffic of industrial and commercial, public security and education like Wu of tax of telegraphic and commerce, postal, government) with a lot of income either very tall personal computer user is medium (almost my all kin friend belongs to this kind of ^_^ ) however, because latticedot matrix printer has the advantage that a lot of ink jet printer and laser printer place cannot compare,can having this kind of appearance basically is -- the cost that latticedot matrix printer uses bad news material is very low, and its still can be used press feeling paper or carbon to print much portion and can print stencil to undertake mimeograph next again, additionally its still are had multilayer set hit and print continuously and suit to print a lot of advantage such as wider form.

It is the biggest that so the society of latticedot matrix printer has a quantity to be able to say, and can not change in this circumstance inside quite long period of time, although the structure of latticedot matrix printer is complex, but because its technology maturity is very tall, the reliability that so its work is very high still, fault rate says according to manage not very should tall, as a result of its nevertheless the society has an amount very tremendous, and use frequency is very tall also, plus because the user is installed,having a lot of trouble is, use undeserved and undertake correctly be maintenanced daily and cause, the actual maintenance amount that says latticedot matrix printer so is not very small, its are common the maintenance of breakdown and safeguard the job to also appear more important, the author combines the lesson of a few experience in the job to say in detail below. Stylus printer.

One, although the breakdown of printer is very much, breakdown phenomenon also all kinds of strange things, but common breakdown substantially also has a few kinds big, so you oneself start work as far as possible undertake maintaining reaching valuable time in order to save upkeep costs to a few common simple breakdown.

1, any operations cannot have after printer electrify.

The reason that after can causing printer electrify, cannot work has a lot of, but specific breakdown feature has only normally, we can use the method of limits of progressively and contractible breakdown to fault the dot finds and eliminate its:

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