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Printer enters the processing of paper obstacle 4 kinds

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Bring: Printer is in frequent use process, often can appear the breakdown that cannot process paper, it is clip mostly paper, do not take paper, enter much page paper and chaos to take the appearance such as paper. Appear how should be answered after these breakdown?

The means of settlement is as follows:

One, printer places paper extremely means of settlement.

1, surface of the paper that print whether level off. If appear,printer places the phenomenon of paper, should see face of the paper that print above all whether level off, if appear paper curly or drape phenomenon, had better change with exterior level off, bright and clean paper, and ensure print paper surface to cannot have similar glue kind attachment.

2, too thin or the paper that print is too much. Must ensure quality of the paper that print exceeds 60 to overcome above, the paper that print is too thin it is difficult to will cause printer to become when taking paper, cause printer easily to place paper. And load the paper that print cannot too thick.

3, roller extraction paper wears away. Roller extraction paper is laser prints part of the easiest tatty. Should contain paper dish inside paper is normal, and when cannot taking paper, often be roller extraction paper wears away or bedspring pine is taken off. Pressure is insufficient, cannot send a machine paper. Roller extraction paper wears away, when cannot changing temporarily, can undertake with the way that winds elastic lash-up is handled. After twining elastic, increased power of rub paper attrition, can make return to normal into paper.

4, other. Contain paper dish installation quality of frame-up, paper is bad (too thin, heavy panel, be affected with damp be affected with damp) etc, cause paperboard or the trouble that cannot take paper possibly also.

2, do not reach a means of settlement into paper reason.

1, the paper that print is put overmuch. Whether does the installation that examines the paper that print first accord with a standard, load the position to whether had exceeded mark of arrowhead of printer left slideway for example, if exceed, must reduce the paper that print.

2, the eyewinker jams. See printer interior whether what eyewinker jams, if appear in printer,place the word of paper for example, can cause the appearance that does not take paper. If have a foreign body, must want to eliminate it, when eliminating, must shut printer power source first, take out a foreign matter carefully next. If take out clip paper, must will place paper along direction giving paper slow pull, after taking out clip paper, check even whether rudimental shredded paper exists, assure to also keep clear of shredded paper clean.

3, the paper that print is damp. If use the paper that print deposits time to grow too, and the surface has the word of humid feeling, appear likely also not to take the appearance of paper, what right now we should do is to want stoving to print paper.

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