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The reason of phenomenon of 8 kinds of breakdown reachs printer of EPSON ink jet

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1, the ink marks when printing is exiguous, the processing that handwriting cannot identify because printer is long-term,this breakdown majority is was not used or other reason, cause ink to carry systematic obstacle or shower nozzle to jam. The method that eliminate is to carry out clean an operation.

2, change after new ink box, the processing that printer uses up " lamp to shine in the " Chinese ink on the face plate when switching on the mobile phone is normal below the circumstance, when ink Chinese ink of the " when already giving out uses up " lamp to just can shine. Change after new ink box, the " Chinese ink on printer face plate uses up " lamp to still shine, produce this kind of breakdown, it is possible ink box was not installed good, another kind may be to closing the proper motion below plane position to take next old ink box, change on new ink box. Because change afresh after ink box, printer will carry a system to undertake full Chinese ink to ink, and this one process is closing will not undertake below plane position, make printer cannot detect reinstall the ink box that go up. Additional, some printer are right of ink capacity metric the electronic tally that is use printer interior will undertake enumerated (on the count that using an amount to chromatic ink especially) , when this tally reachs fair value, printer judgement ink is spent. And change in ink box in the process, printer undertakes in-house to its electron tally restoration, affirm thereby installed new ink box. Means of settlement: Open power source, the head that print shift changes to ink box the position. After installing ink box, let printer undertake full Chinese ink, after process full Chinese ink ends, trouble removal.

3, the processing soft that shower nozzle soft blocks a head up blocks a head up to jam because a variety of reasons cause ink to greaten in the viscosity on shower nozzle,those who point to is of be caused by the breakdown that break a string. Use course of box of former outfit ink to be cleaned for many times commonly recoverable, but such method is too wasteful ink. The simplest way is to use the empty ink box in your hand to come to those who have sprinkler head clean. Before be being cleaned with empty ink box, want the canal that use a needle to take out ink of the remains inside ink box as far as possible first, had jumped over completely more, join Zhi He next 961 clear lotion. 961 clear lotion are developed for EPSON only, cent is A fluid, B fluid. A fluid cleans force stronger, use at medium the processing that blocks a head up, but cannot long remain sprinkler head inside. B fluid cleans ability weaker, but use safety factor is higher, this fluid is OK 2 (B fluid) : 1 (EPSON red or Lan Mo water) undertake add is made, add makes half kinds of knowledge that give use half kinds of knowledge at EPSON Photo ink box. When adding the lotion that note Qing Dynasty, answer to undertake in clean environment, press the ink box that adds very clear lotion the machine on the operation with normal printer, press printer ceaselessly clean key to undertake cleaning to its. Use the remains inside ink box light color of ink and clear lotion compound undertakes printing a test, normal later change superior ink box to be able to be used.
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