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Printer is using 4 kinds of the commonnest breakdown

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Mix as printer of the cost that print reduce ceaselessly, printer had entered home of a lot of ordinary common people in, but because the user is right printer knowledge understanding is not much, businessman and media are in groom and also compare of this respect on guidance little, accordingly, the user appears to printer often is can find no way out when breakdown, little trouble also can look for a businessman only or manufacturer undertakes maintaining, also raised not little cost of course, also bring an influence to the job at the same time. The user is right in use process common printer breakdown knowledge is a bit morer, a lot of problems are OK oneself start work solve, we let look below, average user is the commonnest 4 in printer breakdown phenomenon and settle way.

One, noise is big: Noise is in greatly too when the user is choosing printer, a lot of moment had not paid close attention to, whether does the noise that if we make the businessman prospectus that print OK before buy,knows to print pass big.

Too big to redemptive already printer noise, the user can leave the thing that pays a softness in printer bottom, but cannot too thick, the meeting in printing a process otherwise makes printer pendulous, the influence prints the effect.

2, the rate that print is slow: The speed that print to printer it is a very important segment, if the user is right,the quality demand of the image that print and documentation is not very high when, when suggesting you are being printed, open high speed saves Chinese ink mode to print a document, such not only can raise the rate that print, also can reduce the cost that print.

3, Chinese ink head jams: The ink jet of printer jams have two kinds of cases commonly, was to use pledge slightly ink; Another may be long do not use, the ink airing in bringing about Chinese ink head. Want an user to clean Chinese ink head to be able to solve this problem repeatedly only actually.

4, paperboard: Paperboard is a kind of breakdown with the commonnest laser printer, the specific reason that produces breakdown basically has the following kinds: The method that installs the paper that print is undeserved, the opportunity that opens printer during printer is printed is built or adjust paper method lever, print on the paper that does not accord with printer regulation, used be less than 76. The paper of 2X127mm dimension, occurrence breakdown of component is defeated by paper or ageing.

After printer occurrence paperboard, not panic-stricken, this is the very common breakdown that print, the user wants to take paperboard carefully only, the printing paper that installs up to specification correctly next can be printed afresh. If paperboard is too frequent, the likelihood is about to look for professional personage to change certain part.

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