9 big common trouble reach ink jet printer means of settlement

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Structure of hardware of ink jet printer

More and more ink jet printer enter the office of average consumer or family, brought to everybody of a lot of go to the lavatory and fun. But the computer peripheral with higher rate of barrier of hereat of ink jet printer, when occurrence breakdown, still can bring many troubles to the user.

Understanding printer notices to be safeguarded of printer daily, not only the chance that can reduce printer to malfunction, return the working life that can prolong printer. The hardware structure that is the breakdown that when ink jet printer is used, often happens and relevant place below explains.

The constant maneuver that ink jet printer is mechanical electron unifinication calculates machine peripheral. Mechanical part includes to take paper implement, roller taking paper, give accessory of electric machinery of car of component of car of the paper annulus, head that print, word, word, electric machinery taking paper, pump, pump; Circuit part includes advocate board with power source board. When printer works by power source board the drive that supply 36V/42V uses at drive to print electric machinery of car of head, word, electric machinery taking paper, 5V to be used at logistic circuit. The job of each mechanical parts by advocate board dictate according to computer generation controls signal to coordinate have the job.

Should press into / when the key that remove paper or printer receive the computer to transmit the order that print, electric machinery taking paper rotates by the way that has devised, transfer power rub through positive drive paper annulus and cam make its rotate, cam rotates make hold chipboard in the palm to bounce below the action of bedspring tension with rub paper annulus is contacted, the word roller that paper annulus will place gyral rub to use attrition force to send paper into printer at holding the paper on chipboard in the palm and guide bring annulus between, before continueing, give printer through giving paper annulus to send paper finally, complete paper process. Nozzle in firm position ejective Chinese ink is nodded, form design.

Problem 1. When why paper taking after the paper that print enters printer, can paper go crooked?

After we understood the basic structure of printer adds up to a principle, appear to printer this kind of issue is good analysed, the likelihood has the following reason:

(1) printer is entered the eyewinker is fallen into inside paper wearing.

Countermeasure: The confidential that print takes paper, give paper, because this foreign body is very light what fall into printer from these passageway place is in-house, the ten million when using printer so wants to notice, the clip, hammer that decide a book, button, elastic is the thing that falls into printer interior easily.

(2) surface of the paper that print drops fiber powder too smooth or easily. Countermeasure: The quality of a few paper that print is poorer, the use environment plus some users is poorer. After printer has used period of time, rub paper annulus exterior accumulating keeps wastepaper and dirt, make rub paper strength is reduced, cause skid, appear not to take paper or take the appearance with crooked paper. The paper that suggests everybody does not want covet petty gain so as far as possible the paper with better quality, give printer a cleaner use environment additionally.
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