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Of ink jet printer " form " having beening very common in contemporary office place, accompany those who let a printer serve time to lengthen, more and more ink jet print breakdown to be able to affect our daily office efficiency. To solve the miscellaneous disease of difficulty of of all kinds of ink jet printer as far as possible, improve daily office efficiency, be opposite below the article a few have representative gush to hit difficulty miscellaneous disease to have consultation, the trouble removal experience below the hope can bring a help to everybody!

Miscellaneous disease 1, gush is hit one-time enter many pieces of paper

When printer of use ink jet prints data, when we can discover printer is executing the operation that take paper sometimes, one-time can print many pieces paper be involved in at the same time, this kind of phenomenon not only waste paper easily for nothing, and paperboard breakdown still can be caused to happen when this phenomenon is serious. Bring about gush to hit one-time enter many pieces of paper main reason has 3 sides, it is ink jet printer on one hand too much paper was placed in the chamfer that take paper, the printing paper that the reason of the 2nd respect uses currently namely nots agree with the requirement of a this model printer, still having is to place on one hand paper chamfer is entered in printer medium paper ply is not identical, when bringing about printer to compare big paper in ply of be involved in, conveniently compares paper ply small paper one case be involved in went in printer. If remove trouble,discovery is by on one hand if the reason is caused, then we should ensure the height of the paper that print in putting the chamfer that take paper cannot surpass the top mark on two side slideway; If discover gush is hit one-time entering breakdown of many pieces of paper is the word that causes by the 2nd kind of reason, we should check the printer that specifies type, see this printer equipment what have to the use paper that print specific requirement, buy the special printing paper that accords with use requirement to the market next; Generally speaking, the paper that print does not accord with use requirement, basically show ply of the paper that print, weight does not accord with a standard namely, still have even if print paper surface excessive moisture, between every pieces of paper stick easily together. If if discover this breakdown is by the paper that print ply differs,be being caused, so we are OK take all paper in putting the chamfer that take paper, norms is loaded in entering paper chamfer toward printer afresh next identical, type is complete the printing paper of just the same of consistent, weight, believe to come so gush is hit one-time the printing breakdown that enters many pieces of paper can be solved effectively.

Little hint: If what you use if the paper that print deposits time to grow quite, so its surface can arise moistly, this kind of damp may make many pieces of paper that print is stuck together, cause printer easily thereby the happening of many paper breakdown, additionally the electrostatic induction phenomenon of paper surface causes many pieces of paper that print easily also at the same time by be involved in. To remove many paper trouble effectively, you must operate by following requirements:
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