Master principle of laser printer job and breakdown judgement easily

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Present laser printer was not in the past already that bulk giant, price exalted, effect however not how the large plant of the ground or scientific research orgnaization just distribute used high-grade money. It is walking into an innumberable families with ordinary and not commonplace attitude, yield the high speed that we also experienced to laser is printed, tall qualitative result. Since be the guest of honour of consumer, understand it a little so, also be should! Otherwise it often make a point with you at odds, you still do not know how to be handled!

Beautiful can LBP, 3300

To make everybody can compare relaxed control the foundation of principle of laser printer job is mixed undertake common breakdown judgement and processing, we begin from its working flow! Above all, you should print a documentation, have to the document that pitch on should print, transmit this one instruction the driver of printer. Driver adopts the statement interface and data line to communicate printer again, it is to take paper then, charge, exposure, develop, turn imprint, detached, fixing, sweep those who wait for printer " camera bellows " unit process of cargo bandling, output paper finally.

The first pace: Instruction of make known to lower levels

Instruction of make known to lower levels is to show you are clicked " print " pushbutton, begin to produce this one course till reaction till printer. Its executant is driver, interface and cable. It is driver conveys the format of the setting above all interface system, undertake compiling, next data conveys by cable printer. If you were clicked " print " pushbutton and printer is apathetic however, the problem that is 3 executant so. The problem that appears possibly among them has the damage of interface or cable normally, we can be passed change these two " executant " the problem that means will judge a bottom is them; Driver problem, whether is the examination chosen was opposite driver. Additional, if the setting of driver is incorrect, the documentation that outputs likely can appear random code, only line does not have the problem such as the character. We can install relevant setting afresh, if you do not know how to be set, choose acquiesce completely, or reshipment drive.

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