Gush hits use dish bird to see analysis of two big common trouble surely

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As printer whole price reduce, more and more users bought printer. And among them, because ink jet printer is opposite the price is more low, more the demand that accords with average user, so more domestic users chose gush to hit. But, it is average user more as a result of what buy ink jet printer, they defend printer notion without professional use, appear via often can bringing about printer so such and such problem. The author looked for two average users to use the problem that printer encounters the most easily below, ink jet printer uses dish bird to be able to notice.

Nozzle jams avoid easily

Have a lot of family users, buying ink jet printer is for only now and then photograph is printed or text is printed, very possible a month uses a machine only. Perhaps have some of friend, think to often use the opportunity that print to increase the loss of the machine, reduce the life of the machine, often do not use so.

As time passes, this causes a problem easily: The nozzle that is printer jams, do not print give a thing. Is this why? Because ink jet printer relies on shower nozzle,ejective Mo Di undertakes printing the job, and after be being printed every time, there can be ink remain more or less on shower nozzle. And often do not use print, rudimental ink can condense, as time passes can stem shower nozzle.

Say so, ink jet printer should be used regularly, ability reduces shower nozzle to jam breakdown. Ink jet printer can undertake when switch on the mobile phone shower nozzle cleans a program automatically, can will adhere to last the Mo Di on shower nozzle is rinsed come out, the effective knowledge that avoids remain is caused jam. Although make meeting loss so a bit ink, but compare shower nozzle to jam the trouble that causes, still be special worthiness.

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