Common breakdown reachs copycat paperboard solve

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Copycat is accidental paperboard, be not breakdown, but if frequent paperboard, with respect to need the examination was maintained. Above all, should make clear Hunan is in which place paperboard, it is the place that offer paper, place taking paper, be still fixing place? Of course, if these 3 place have a spare parts to damage apparently, change can. But a lot of circumstances are whole and deferent orgnaization damage apparently without any spare partses, also do not have any hindrance, but frequent however paperboard, affect work efficiency already, affect mood of operation staff job again. To maintenance technician, sometimes often a few kinds of elements interweave together, the influence is diagnosed.

1, paperboard of the place that offer paper: This place paperboard, involved aspect is more, the paper that should examine place to use above all whether up to standard (be like) of size of paper weight, dimension, dry degree, try standard paper should be used when machine. Carton not custom, also be the cause that causes paperboard. Such OK coming that try, a few pieces of paper are put only in carton, take paper next, if rub is not entered or do not reach the designated position, can deciding is rub the problem of paper annulus or rub paper clutch; If rub paper reachs the designated position, but paper cannot continue to advance, estimating is contrapuntal roller skid or be caused by of contrapuntal clutch invalidation. To some type, rub paper appears askew, the likelihood is size of clamping force of carton both sides differ cause. Additional, a lot of operation personnel are being inserted when putting carton, pass forcibly big, in causing carton above a few pieces of paper break away from calorie of claw, inevitable also meeting causes paperboard.

2, paperboard of place taking paper: If be in this place often paperboard, should have the aid of at door switch pressing plate () of a kind of tool, observe condition of movement of this one place carefully, removing conveyer belt, guide annulus after the element, should check centrifuge compose. As a result of the copycat of different type, its depart kind is different, want distinction to treat. Current, a few kinds of type of domestic popularity, its depart means has 3 kinds roughly: Negative pressure depart, depart takes detached, charge depart. Provide means of body examination, maintenance, here no longer auspicious narrate.

3, fixing place paperboard: After detached claw uses fixing roller for long, its are most advanced after grinding invalidation of exhaustion of blunt or small bedspring, can cause paperboard. To some type, the roller is defeated by paper of mouth giving paper is used for long after wearing away badly, also meet frequent paperboard. As to the paperboard that after serious knot dirties, fixing roller causes, common circumstance is on common type.

4, the paperboard that causes because of invalidation of paper road sensor or other circuit breakdown, attribute another kind of problem, should contrast maintenance manual, instrument of have the aid of, make corresponding inspection.
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