Business affairs is umbriferous, 7 years which sell a dot to have most " money "

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As external the addition of economic activity, the enterprise pays attention to figure more and more in development, method of traditional file type job also is demonstrated what to replace by contemporary conference gradually. Through the development 2006, industry of projector of Chinese business affairs more hasten is mature, include an industry the respect such as competition of a few standards, market, products plan and application changes somewhat, so also bring about us necessarily undertaking business affairs kind when projector is purchased, want as the change of external condition further improvement to purchase principle and method. In other words, nowadays of business affairs projector purchasing already was not " what buys " seller's market, and change is " want what to buy " buyer's market. To gain the favour of the user, before overcautious business affairs projector must want to be created above all piece can of absorbing gas sell a site. Of course, highest state is " have ability too! "

Exceed low whether win Man Tangcai?

2007 beginning, actor or actress the clique rolled out a heavyweight formally to taste projector newly in home, actor sends PJ503D. The price of this projector comparatives shock, have 4999 yuan only, broke year end began 2006 bright base record of minimum price of MP510 retentive projector. Although this machine has a businessman to be its fixed position family expenses, but look how to cannot cast off low end from function the trace of business affairs machine, 4999 yuan price lowered the introductory threshold of business affairs projector again undoubtedly. Explode 7 years again like that can low win the Man Tangcai of consumer really? The author thinks won't!

Above all, nowadays low projector says to suit a family to choose with its, still be inferior to saying to suit the consideration of public place of entertainment such as bar. Domestic user is in look lock 1000 yuan 5 surely on this price, because the relation of money values sexual price to compare quite,be mostly, and want respecting sex price to compare, so be inferior to buying flat TV. What with bulb theory service life is 3000 hours is umbriferous for exemple, its change bulb charge is controlled in 2500 yuan, want on average to have investment of 0.83 yuan bad news material hourly, although compare,go cinema be to one's profit, but should get high than rising with TV much. Again criterion, go up easily with the gender in the operation, projector still cannot be mixed at all at present TV appearance is compared, a lot of projector still need to be like TV box through transfer facility, videocorder, ability broadcasts the change trains such as DVD machine. Additional, nowadays low projector can offer SVGA resolution only mostly, if you want to experience the enjoyment like the cinema really, still be so again assemble some money considers 720P product.
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