Pay close attention to the market of bad news lumber with 315 fake attention

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The choose and buy of material of the bad news that print is the focus that consumer height pays close attention to all the time, because be confined to its brand to the understanding of bad news material,have a lot of customer, but discern to the true and false of respect of material of bad news of choose and buy not familiar however, accordingly, many consumer get the harm of sham brand, cause economically loss. Be in " 3 · 15 " during fete of international consumer rights and interests comes, cooperate this year " consumption is harmonious " theme, let complier open the veil of those false and false and inferior products for you, teach you how to discern material of true bogus bad news.

Fake bad news material

Draw materials: Had walked along the ave near computer city, lane every time when you, want to be able to see one piece receives the shingle that receives a piece alertly slightly only, writing above " reclaim bad news material " , deliver the goods single-handed, make money single-handed, from individual trade for it is very normal, but abnormal is, bad news material reclaims is to be in undertake to make cheat risk material of bad news of false and inferior office " raw material " collect, it is the first link of management catenary of black of material of sham bad news. What actually everybody understands they are done is illegal business, execute the law relevantly the check that the branch also had for many times to this, but always ban repeatedly more than. Why illegal bad news material reclaims so rampant, no more than is benefit word pawn.

Make: At present material of sham office bad news basically has two kinds of methods that make, it is to reclaim to renovate and open moulding to make respectively. Alleged reclaim face-lifting, be in namely inside beat of reclaiming former outfit Selenium and ink box inside join carbolic pink or prepared Chinese ink, next repackage, regard as sale of material of new waste time; And open moulding to make, it is to use the mould treatment that be modelled on to produce material of sham bad news. Because investment is larger, and the risk sex with constant presence, accordingly " open moulding to make " be used lesser, at present the mostly commonly used means that make a holiday reclaims namely face-lifting.

Sale: The appreciation segment with the largest material of false bad news is in sale, the cost that its renovate does not cross just a little 10 yuan, a harvest plus early days this, aggregate do not cross 559 yuan, but the price that after the course is renovated, sells compares former outfit goods is cheap a few, have more sell with valence with the raw material that hold cost even, can earn 5 the least, 60 yuan, a few brands can sell 449 yuan even, get on 1000 yuan even, the profit space inside this cans be imagined.
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