Towards the left photograph output should choose to print or rush right imprint

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In last few years, pile up camera as number kind of the product gain ground increasingly with of all kinds have film the sell like hot cakes of product of functional mobile phone, the photograph films more and more the indispensable one part in becoming us to live daily. Although not be all,the photograph should undertake outputting, but photograph output is the problem that we often should encounter at ordinary times however.

One, photograph output faces a choice
Respecting photograph is outputted, a lot of people can think of the picture is strong immediately imprint, strong imprinting is the choice that the photograph outputs a kind of opposite tradition really. Meanwhile, come as nearly two years of price of photograph printer product go low with each passing day, direct photograph printout became us gradually a kind of new picture outputs a choice.
The photograph that is vogue at the same time is printed directly, the picture that is a tradition at the same time is strong imprint, how should we choose after all? Still let us look roughly next, the photograph is printed rush with the photograph imprint two kinds export way!

Article chapter navigation 1. photograph output faces a choice
2.The photograph prints an advantage analysis
3.The photograph rushs imprint the advantage is analysed

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