6 fold sell family expenses scanner whether Jiang Lang just is used up

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Family expenses scanner: "I falls social status? Why to see me? Why to see me??
Consumer: "At my no use, why to bury sheet? "

Family expenses scanner falls the price downward ceaselessly, this thinking that consumer is met to it more stand by, the result is contrary however, consumer not only did not stride ahead, instead step by step backward, cause the distance between family expenses scanner and consumer to pull further more. Is this all tricks have been exhausted of family expenses scanner or consumer be insatiable?

One, 6 fold alluring and unmanned appreciate

Before long love general gives birth to a company to issue the standard Perfection 3490 Photo of model of 3200dpi scanner brunt to reduce 690 yuan by 1090 original yuan before, one-time fall greatly 400 yuan, do one's best passes on the deep love with old user through more substantial market move, in this demit old during seeing the New Year in, act according to for broad user went up the He Sui great gift of an overflow. Loving general to give birth to company jumping-off place is good, sufferred however however " passerby meets not appreciate, laugh ask machine have why good " awkward unfavorable situation -- do not have factitious Aipusheng depreciate " bury sheet " , even if dozen 6 fold, 3490 sales volume also do not see Aipusheng how old improvement.

Actually, awkward far more than loves general to lay a person, HP and beautiful can two old brands got facing one of family expenses scanner likewise one club. Be called the fastest scanner -- HP Scanjet 4850 from since appearing on the market, the price falls again, the result still is accompanied suffer desolate. Still have with what HP Scanjet 4850 has similar experience once sell like hot cakes temporarily HP Scanjet 2400, it also is " be Changjiang Delta good view, fall beautiful season meets again gentleman " . Beautiful can before condition won't be compared both good, relevant businessman says beautiful can a high-definition scanner -- beautiful can although CanoScan 4400F depreciates after the Spring Festival extent is in 100 yuan of above, did not draw the eye of consumer as before, as to in the beautiful of low end can 3000ex, beautiful can LIDE25 and LIDE60 place are more desolate. Of everybody depreciate eagerly, this thinking the price war that can produce a dynamic, which know to be immersed in the awkward condition of look at each other in speechless despair however.

Who causes family expenses scanner to be like,be gotten Si Tian ground? The author has market research designedly, a thing happened to let everything become Anacreontic in the process of investigation. Student Xiaozhao needs 3 pieces of certificate to illuminate, but there is a piece only on at hand, to save the money that take a picture, he decides to taking that piece of one very little photograph to go photocopy inn scanning pirates again many pieces. This thinking that computer should be taken with scanner scanning in inn, print again next come out, the photograph in thinking of the boss has received small Zhao hand is put on the table, taking digital watch for a chance to the photograph " Ka Ca " pat one blast, pass into the photograph next computer is revised after breaking up, print directly come out, print the picture quality that come out very pretty good still. Xiaozhao's experience is in a few dormitories very quickly get about, everybody in succession follow the lead of. Since the fellow student that has business head makes the business inside school, their collect camera of a number, a printer was made " translate dozen of old photograph, old photograph " the business, flat later looked for a red cloth and La Bu, side other people took certificate photo. Because the price is very cheap, the business is very prosperous also. Listen to Xiaozhao's experience, in author heart not by one cold, the position of family expenses scanner is afraid save hard really. The family expenses that no matter be used much more easily much more quickly,stores much more easily much more accurately scans, what compare digital camera is cabinet with " Ka Ca " quick it is inferior by comparison really. As consumer, how can abandon again it is difficult to be begged easily, where is seek far and neglect what lies close at hand?
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