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Alleged " altitude deeply cold " , chromatic laser printer also does not sit eventually on the aristocratic throne that business affairs handles official bussiness. Begin from 2004, its price appeared substantially drop, end 2006 the end of the year, there had been several prices to be in on market 3000 yuan of the following color laser printers, be like CLP of HP Color Laserjet 1600, SamSung - 300 etc. Then, chromatic laser printer comes out inside the industry already personification, perhaps will replace black and white laser printer to make the point of view of market main trend. This kind of viewpoint truly, whether can the price that the key depends on chromatic laser printer still fall? If meet, have how old fall again space?

The small-sized color laser printer that SamSung rolls out

Want to answer these two questions, we must wait for a few respects to undertake an analysis from competition of earnings of flexibility of production cost, demand, firm, market.

Make the tie that makes cost

The enterprise is not beneficent orgnaization, although they were the promotion of the standard of living of social development and people to make graven contribution, but remain it is a purpose with gain. The commodity price that so we pay finally included to produce cost, government cost, current cost and firm profit at least these a few parts.

Inside the range that estimates in limit, each cost of commodity can decrease relatively as the addition of sales volume. That is to say the amount of cost can increase as the addition of sales volume, but share can diminish to the cost of each machine. This is just like plane of a passenger transport, be taken in the seat full before, every many guest, it will pay more cost, but this cost just raised negligible management and food expenses and fuel cost however, and every many guest, share diminished to the cost on each guest bodies.

But if once the crop of commodity exceeded this limit amount, cost raises greatly. Cite a simple case, we assume everybody can assemble 10 printer at most everyday, if the sales volume previously is everyday 5, increase now everyday 8, the labor limit that did not exceed everybody is measured (10) , so the cost of the manufacturer raises not much. If sales volume increases now everyday 12, a person cannot be finished, this moment invites a person more with respect to need, from go up at all the cost that raised a manufacturer. And apportion arrives the task of two people is everyday 6, on economics, this crop is called inefficient dot, pays average cost is compared originally everyday 8 taller. Because of everybody everyday 8 crop is close to Yu Bian border to measure more.

So, odd from production cost for this respect, product value can have constant wave motion as the addition of sales volume. This are behaved very apparently on the product such as hard disk, memory. But the printer value that we see the market go up is reduced only, appear rarely ascendant circumstance, because printer is not the main profit origin of each manufacturer,this is, printer is low is cast only go out lure erbium, bad news material just is a magic weapon that the manufacturer makes money. If one day material of compatible bad news got broad customer approbate, held the half of country of market of bad news lumber, we are afraid invisible " overflow " printer, also cannot see " the material that buy waste time, send printer " sales promotion advertisement. Because the businessman meets neither one be other cheerly to make,marry the garment, the printer price at that time is met probably more press close to at its real value.
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