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"Challenge of market of concussion of Kodak low Chinese ink prints guild regulations " this is to be at the beginning of 2007 most a message of shake office market, according to the report, the world is strong imprint tycoon Kodak Kodak will roll out printer of 3 new-style ink jet on Feburary 6, 2006, and the sale price of the ink box of form a complete set will far under the competitor (for example HP, Aipusheng, beautiful can wait) product. Kodak this action is not blind aimless, its are final it is to expect to pass the low ink box that oneself produce to come shake HP, Aipusheng, beautiful can wait for a manufacturer the monopoly position in industry of the office that print, but, can Kodak this action is like wish?

Low ink box pounds hold the market, kodak is about to do the first person that eat crab

"Black and white ink box makes work only 10 dollars, chromatic ink box makes work only 15 dollars " , to can be in HP people share it may be said of Kodak of a cup of a thick soup is rack one's brains in scheming in pocket, since be in of the technology that print accumulate on cannot mix the office manufacturer of these traditions has openly engage in a battle, so the tweak that the hand of fluctuation of costly ink box that blames all the time in the masses perhaps is shake forestall. Kodak is to think also is so so do, this also had that one act that begin low ink box appears.

Love what general lays ME series to exceed low ink box

Produce the ink box that gives low not only, the low ink box that Kodak still produces for oneself provided printer. According to the report, what 3 still released to be based on ink jet technology while Kodak is releasing low ink box is muti_function equipment, they can be used at printing, scanning and duplicate documentation, webpage and picture. These a few new-style printer basically face domestic market, price arrives in 150 dollars between 300 dollars. And the congener product that the new-style printer that Kodak produces compares the market to go up on the price is expensive 50 dollars left and right sides. Although Kodak is new-style the price of printer is higher, but the black and white ink box that they use makes work only 10 dollars, chromatic ink box also makes work only 15 dollars, and this also is market of race to control of strategy of Kodak low ink box is essential. Kodak expresses, use the new-style printer of this company, consumer prints a piece of 4 cost to 6 inches of photographs to be 10 cent only, and the cost of printer of use other family expenses is 29 cent, the price of the retailing shop also reachs 19 cent.

The view according to him Kodak, its are about to use race to control of low ink box more ink jet print the market, the challenge breaks HP, Aipusheng, beautiful to be able to wait for a manufacturer even the situation of long-term forestall, we should plaint really the courage of Kodak is laudable, but want shake the monopoly position of these traditional manufacturers, difficult. This among them, the reason has 3.
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