900 yuan beautiful can 2900 to stimulated dozen of market what to bring

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To office product market, medium and small businesses may be the greatest demand place. Although besides black and white outside stimulating dozen of product, broad user can select ink jet printer and product of chromatic laser printer. But current in light of feasibility condition, of low price black and white the first selection product that stimulating dozen of product still is major medium and small businesses.

One, beautiful can LBP-2900 causes attention

Also be just about under powerful market demand, low end is at present black and white stimulating dozen of market it may be said is unusually fervent. The product that at present controls in 1000 yuan has 4 almost, 5 above, this behaves what grab an eye most to should belong to HP among them this 1020 classical products, samSung 1610, Fuji Shi Le 3117 etc also is itch to try. But since close period of time, originally price is in 1000 yuan of the following beautiful can LBP-2900 falls to drop to official quoted price to 900 yuan from market minimum price defeat 1000 yuan to close the eyeball that waited for a series of movements to attract broad user greatly.
Here we can't help wanting to ask, had sexual price to compare the product of the advantage before, the price again substantially drop, beautiful can does intention where?

2, low end stimulates dozen of market analysis
In article begin we had been mentioned, at present low end is stimulated hitting is the one big heat that does fair product market at present. It is under powerful market demand, HP, beautiful can, the each mainstream manufacturer such as Aipusheng, SamSung stimulates dozen of market to have his in 1000 yuan of low end advocate make a product.

HP is classical product 1020 as new as the market show 1018 it may be said are low end the product of two big heat of the market, at present 1020 markets price is controlled in 1150 yuan, 1018 control in 1050 yuan, have good sexual value to compare a dominant position. Show of two type function is similar, depend on the brand dominant position with good HP, at present it may be said is " at the summit of one's power " .
6200L is to love general to be born in low end of the market advocate make a product, at present its market price is controlled in 1000 yuan, although performance of this product property is good, but appear on the market time is in 3 years of above, belong to " patriarch is sent " product; 1610 it is SamSung in low end of the market advocate make a product, this product has definite advantage in respect of later period cost, but now this product already stop production; Fuji Shile and Ke Mei also have him in low end advocate make a product, but because oneself brand force is opposite weaker, did not obtain very good sale outstanding achievement so.
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