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An absolutely good tentative idea -- make an user OK carry printer, such users can at any time and place the manuscript that print and photograph. Then each big printer manufacturer rolled out portable product in succession, although at present the amount of the portable printer on the market achieved more than 10 kinds,what make a person strange however is, but it is overall however present a fatigued and weak state, to the person a kind " applaud not draw a large audience " feeling. What reason is that after all create this kind of situation? The following perhaps can offer everybody to consult.

One, price on the high side, the user is accepted hard

Any commodity, the price to the sale it is most main factor. At present the price of the portable printer of width of cloth of the A4 on the market differs 2500 yuan from 1500 ~ , and the product value of A6 width of cloth is the cheapest also want 700 ~ 800 yuan, expensive exceeded 2000 yuan likewise.

Very apparent this one price is more expensive, want to know the printer of table ink jet of introductory class still is less than 400 yuan nowadays, but the capacity that had a photograph to print likewise, printer of 1000 yuan of 6 kinds of photographs that can have bought on 1 Taichun to carry black and white perhaps laser printer. And relative to the price that at high end portable product controls 2500 yuan, that can have bought laser printer of a color almost. The course is comparative, relative to the price at table printer, the portable printer nowadays makes a person very hard really accept.

Perhaps at the outset the tentative idea of the manufacturer once was quite good, in appear on the market initial stage because product " new, strange " the characteristic can attract an user, the price also does not have a problem a bit higher, next as the user to the product approbate, the yield of the product rises stage by stage, cost also can be reduced subsequently, lower the price thereby. However the sale of very apparent firm to the product is too hopeful. Because the price is exorbitant, add a few accounts that we can speak of fluctuation face, make the sale situation of portable printer not ideal, because the manufacturing cost of this product does not fall from beginning to end, such prices also do not fall likewise, in the corner that was immersed in a price thereby.

Want to know, form a complete set of camera of need and notebook computer, number uses portable printer. Want at the outset notebook computer sells one, 20 thousand when, come up from scale the price that says portable printer still can be accepted, and nowadays 7, 8000 yuan can buy below one perfectly below the circumstance of jotter, portable printer more appear expensive.

2, partial product can print A6 width of cloth only
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