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At present to broad consumer, in the photograph output respect basically has two kinds of choices, the picture that is a tradition is strong imprint, the 2 photographs that are vogue are printed. But come nearly two years, pile up a product as number increasingly " civilian is changed " with the network gain ground, output as broad consumer picture additional of kind of choice -- the number on the net is strong imprint in the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai to start, be in 2-3 year inside time be in quickly those who have certain economy actual strength is medium spread in small town circle, a distinctive scenery line in making digital world thereby.

Say strictly, imprint and the number on the net cannot rush with the tradition imprint, the photograph is printed paratactic, because substantial it still relies on traditional strong Yinlaishi to show a photograph to output. But rush with the tradition print than, this kind of photograph outputs means to having the advantage with not little oneself again, can say this is planted at least " business affairs of electron of + of broadband + service " mode gives fashionable user with greatest confidence.

Rush on understanding net imprint

Alleged " the number on the net is strong imprint " , it is to show the user is direct on the net the number that sends digital photograph document major is video strong imprint website, the quote system that goes up according to the net chooses the service way that he wants, and after network of have the aid of pays corresponding fee, rush by the other side consumer returns the photograph again after imprinting. In process of this one service, consumer needs to operate to computer only mouse, clavier, can finish a photograph to output whole process, never leave home can relaxed the photo that outputs digital photograph high quality, it is a kind of right choice really.

Imprinted measure develops on the net
Although nowadays inquires in Baidu or Google " the number on the net is strong imprint " , can check a lot of different specific pictures to rush imprint service website, but its serve kind very much the same, rush on their net imprint the process basically has the following 4 measure.

The first pace, the user registers: Consumer needs to apply for to register become strong imprint the user of the website, register detailed address information, with convenient photograph mail; The 2nd pace, the file uploads: Choose the data of digital photograph file that him communications center imprints, in uploading the electronic album that offers for you to the website; The 3rd pace, the choice serves particular kind: The quantity of particular strong impression that should have chosen every pieces of picture, deserve to send means and the service such as method paying fee content; The 4th pace, pay fee: Have the aid of at network terms of payment, after the charge that finish pays, you develop printed photograph to send in the sit back and wait in the home come to come.
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