Depreciate only insufficient still: Printer market heat reviewed in March

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Present market is Protean, cite a case, if be a few years ago, somebody asks you, 800 come a Qian Ke when buying what printer, you or the product that permit an answer to go out are quite little still, so, this year, you can list a name of a lot of product. For example, beautiful can SELPHYCP510, the referenced price of nowadays has 850 yuan only.

Actually, it is the price not only, in March, what printer market heat comparatives really is much. Be like portable printer market, many high-quality goods appear, and many be product of sell like hot cakes. Another, namely each manufacturers still are in ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, on the price, be the same as be in big strides more to drop.

Below, we come fine dilatancy says:

Confused of extraordinary splendour of integral market level shows: The human nature that takes detail seriously more changes a design to become printer tasted the mainstream newly in March
The market pays close attention to an index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

To printer, we must say bad news capable person mainly. Nowadays is not little portable printer, the consumption of this respect is quite economic, you should be cost only few, can do calm.

Of course, the promotion on function, a window that also was March. Be like many products, weight is less than 1kg, however but colour of true emersion photograph, photograph clarity is keen, details is rich, can satisfy the general picture requirement of domestic user completely. And opposite at the congener product a year ago, its print many products rate is higher also, the time that prints a piece of 6 very little photographs is less than 1 minute.

And more printer, the human nature that takes detail seriously more changes a design, they offerred the USB interface of computer of a join and PictBridge port, can outside receive receiver of a blue tooth and the implementation such as any mobile phones that take blue tooth function, jotter wireless transmit print. In the meantime, the user is OK still outside receive battery of a lithium, implementation is mobile and wireless print. Some, still can realize immensity to be apart from print, most 99 pieces print continuously, supportive hand is moved adjust degree of saturation of the bright brightness of the photograph, colour.

Quite for, the human nature that takes detail seriously more changes a design to become printer tasted the mainstream newly in March. Of course, this kind of product, on the price more cheap, the market price not long ago of for example LaserJet 1018 returns 1099 yuan, but lowest sold 990 yuan recently, really those who drop is breathtaking. Be located in the black and white laser printer of individual and SOHO user surely as, the airframe design of LaserJet 1018 is very concise. Airframe line basically is given priority to with curve, modelling and Laserjet 1020 of senior fellow apprentice are very similar, tie-in respect used color white and grayish two kinds tonal undertake collocation, but as better as circumjacent environment confluence.
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